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Nyonya food and strip clubs.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-10 23:55
Subject: Nyonya food and strip clubs..
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I am feelingamusedamused
So because the original dinner plan fell through, did a semi-impromptu thing at Peranakan House at TamanSEA.

Pics are here.. a little fuzzy cos taken with my phone..
Pick of the lot was definitely the sotong madu.. mwahahaha. Did you know that this was THE place that I only ate sotong previously? Now I do venture into squid things when it's deep fried.. but seriously.. it's damn good.. All Thumbs!!

Attendees were Jo-Lyn, Pat, Chen Hoe, Albert and me.. small group just having a meal together.. I thought that there more of us.. that's why i ended up with 6 dishes.. sigh.. in the end, I think we barely managed to finish all 7 dishes.. and had some dessert as well. meal came up to RM25 per person but i think typically would be around 20 or below.. we just over-ordered a little.

As for the only place that I started eating brinjal/eggplant/aubergine was at Gohtong Jaya, halfway up Genting.. hmm.. maybe I could convince them to go up one fine day.. hehe.. that's a story for another day..

I'm a little tired.. gonna sleep early again today.. Tomorrow I'm headed to the library for a spot of studying.. 10 more days till the end of my uni days.. can't wait
Will caption the damn things tomorrow.. There were actually 7 dishes. The last being Kangkung belacan which was ordered as an after thought. *edit* caption is done

"ahh so something like a strip club as opposed to porn" Wai Ying 10/06/2006 (in reference to the difference between theatre and the movies)
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-06-12 00:28 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
hmm.. well the usual suspects are there already in the archives.. figured IF there were new additions then only take pictures of them? I was actually a little lazy to take any pictures.. heh.. didn't even bring my camera along. used the phone
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