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today.. today.. i'm BROKE.. 15 bucks left in my thin wallet.. to last… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-22 22:25
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I am feelingif it makes u happy!
Listening toSheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy
today.. today.. i'm BROKE.. 15 bucks left in my thin wallet.. to last at least till the end of the week i think.. HOW??? have to rob someone.. hmph

I went to KLIA today to pick up an air freighted spare part with my cousin Su Wooi. my god.. talk about inefficiency.. We had all the paper work.. they just need to verify that we've paid which we did then and then .. that's it.. supposedly.. the last person who was supposed to sign the paper decided to read his friggin newspaper in PLAIN sight as if to egg ppl.. I can do whatever I want and you can't do anything about it. GAH.. malays and their easy access to everything.. Apparently, if you don't have a runner or something doing all the inside work for u, then it'll take a day to get your stuff and leave.. that's how slow the whole damn thing is.. it's been a VERY very VERY rainy day today.. sigh.. rain rain go away.. shooo shoo!! then had to go follow "uncle" in the lorry again so I spent quite a lot of time out of the office today.. i think it may be a good thing.. I learn stuff sometimes.. =) I am learning kl.. the roads at any rate.. and learning how heavy the various things are.. I ain't braggin here but today I carried something which was supposed to be 37 kilos ( the thing that we had to pick up from the cargo area ( customs ) and it was sort of light? when compared to some of the things that I've been carrying like the bloody clutch plate and the brake drums.. oh my god those things are massive and made out of one single piece of steel i think..
maybe i'm stronger now.. yay
hehe =)
day kinda zipped by today.. i think it's because I sleep on the way to the airport, part of the way back and on the trip to send RM 15k worth of spare parts..
moving vehicles tend to send me to lalaland.. dunno why.. i think it's something to examine... keke
I don't think Yeok Cheng reads my journal... gonna complain about her here.. muahaha =)
she's unfriendly..
i think that's it.. ! =)
i think i'll cut this post short before the few ppl who do read my journal dies of boredom..
PEACE!! and .. save the environment or something
and p.s.
kate beckinsale.. mmmmmmm oh.. and it's a bloody rainy day too or mayhbe i already covered that.. hmm..
oh well
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