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It's time for yet another week past review.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-06-05 18:59
Subject: It's time for yet another week past review..
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I am feelingmoodymoody
Listening toSnoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake - Signs
So.. My week as usual.. I don't remember nuts..
Tuesday I caught Over the Hedge.. funny funny and damn cute..
Best bits - Matrix moment by the hyperactive squirrel who just ingested those energy drinks.

Wednesday had dinner with Sherly and hung out at the apartment for a bit.

Thursday, I had lunch with Jo, Rach, Sue at........ MacD's.. *sigh*
you'd think you go out to eat something more substantial but no... Macd's
what a let down..

Friday was the day I found out that I won't be catching Actorlympics because the damn tickets were all sold out!! ugh..
Can't remember what I did friday night.. or can i.. I was at Alvin's from 3 onwards.. ohyeah.. bought burgers.. OH YEAH!! was at a cybercafe playing some DOTA hahaha.. with Chen Hoe, JJ, Kwong Hing, Pat and Len came by later.. reliving geeky moments.. *grin*
So after that, bought burgers for some hungry people at Alvin's. Double Chicken Special with Cheese.. My god.. it was humongous and DELICIOUS.. yum.. yum.. yum.. This was at the SS2 Mamak, Ramly's burger stall.. =)

Saturday, woke up a little late and then no one to have lunch with... 8 ppl were asked.. sigh
so instead I took it upon myself to clean my tank
for the first time in more than a yr. 3 and a half hours were spent cleaning the tank, the filters, the gravel, changing the water, sorting out the plants I want to keep.. putting back everything inside. Everything looks quite good now.. just that as always with water changes, the fishes get stressed out and dies.. I lost 2.. another one seems to be on the brink.. so I think i'll be restocking some time next week maybe.. cos the way my tank is layed out, I have more empty spaces than i did before.. so yeah
got ready for dinner and then met up with everyone at Hartamas

Dinner comprised of 11 people. Me, Sook Yee, Alvin, Diana, Joa, Pat, Chen Hoe, Barbara, Chris, Albert, and Kenny.. Dinner was in Selayang at Heong Kee Rest. Pictures are here. Type of food and the price is a far cry from Villa Danielli last week but I believe that it was just as satisfying for different reasons. Food arrived like 5 mins after we ordered and after that it was just BAM BAM BAM.. dinner was done in under 40 mins.. 8 dishes. I think the general consensus was that it was decent for the most parts.. Ohhh the journey there was hilarious.. Chen Hoe or rather I lost Chen Hoe a few times.. Once was cos I didn't signal early enough. (allegedly)
the other was cause of Albert pointing the other way.. conversation in the car went something like this

"So, what did you think of ... *Albert interjects* " AHhH!! AhhHH!! They went that a way.. quick quick!! "
One sharp left turn later,"Dude, that's a WIRA.. not a Sentra!!"
silence... "oops, sorry.. "

So.. hilarity aside, I didn't manage to lose anyone anymore after that.. I think

After dinner, went home and lazed about for a bit before heading out again. Went to the Asian Heritage Row. They were at the WineRoom and then moved on to Ivy .. both of which were a bit of a *snore* Met a few of Diana's friends.. Grace and Angeline..
Headed over to the Loft after that. Free entry rocks..
Kenny did an impression of a free-fall and I had to go get myself another drink.. gah. Nick bought us Sambuca shots.. I detest it.. it taste like medicine.. I detests anything that taste like medicine.

Was there till about 2, then went for mamak session at ss2.. They were talking about The twilight zone and the creepiest one that they recall.. brr.. I don't watch horror or anything related to horror.. My hyper-active vivid imagination ensures that I can see those images vividly for at least one night before it just fades to reappear when I read some horror books again.. gah
Then yet another DOTA session.. haha.. until 6.30am.. insane

Sunday afternoon was supposed to meet Barb and Chris for lunch but I was a little worse for wear.. so no go.. =)
Tracked down Jo and she accompanied me for lunch.. so nice..
but in the course of the story telling, I got a little late for The Fastest Clock in the Universe.. hehe
I still had to pick a friend up from Sungai Wang and I was still in PJ at 2.35pm.. show started at 3pm.. *grin*
soo... I think I pissed Joa off or maybe not pissed but definitely peeved.. They took the tickets first.. and then went in, left the remainder there. Johanna, Lai Lyn's other friend also went in first cos me and LL were seriously late.. almost half an hour.. I did a lot of stunts on the way to KLPac. And to top it off, I thought KLPac was at the convention centre........
So instead of being just 15 minutes late, due to the path that I had to take, we ended up that late.. sigh but didn't miss much.. just them establishing the relationship between Cougar and the Captain.. and oh yeah Cougar walking in without a top.. the girls enjoyed that one... lol

So.. the play was dark, violent, funny, sarcastic. I think it encompassed the entire spectrum that what being a person is all about.. the deadly sins, the conflicting emotions, the pettiness of people, courage in the face of protecting something you hold dear.. you will see all that in this play.. I thoroughly enjoyed it though there was a very cringe-worthy scene..
*excerpts of hushed conversation*
"wait a minute, what is he doing? where is that hand going?? OH MY GOD.. are you serious? shit that's some.. arghhh!! my eyes.. oh no! image seared into memory.. "

You'll know this scene when you see it..

Went to Marmalade after that.. the beef lasagne there was excellent though a tad salty..
discussed the play some.. haha general consensus was that it was worth the money..

Futsal at night.. and that's the end of my most excellent weekend.

Hope you enjoyed reading it my dear anonymous readers.. =) au revoir..


"Where's that hand going?!?!?! -> excerpt from during the play" Chen Hoe 04/06/06
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-06-04 12:51 (UTC)
Subject: looks yummilicious!
of the herbal chicken! :p

you guys looks fun~!

love herbal chicken!! i juz had it last night in sg, there's a stall at ang mo kio that's amazing, a must-try. sigh, i keep thinking about food, no wonder so fat. *jiggles tummy*

this round, ur piccies looks clearer and great shot! :) - charlene
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-06-04 15:58 (UTC)
Subject: Re: looks yummilicious!
well.. the lighting WAS better.. =P
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