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Review of week passed - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-05-29 01:28
Subject: Review of week passed
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I am feelinggrumpygrumpy
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Let's start off this post by saying that this is a vicious lie. Dinner is at least RM100 at that place.. if u want a starter, a normal main and a glass of wine for those of you who likes those kind of things..
If you're one of those VERY light eaters and only require a starter OR a main course then yes.. 50++ is doable..

I just noticed.. I didn't actually post about what I did for the whole week.. just uploaded pictures and stuff..
Now I don't quite remember as usual what happened exactly the entire week

I know I saw Da Vince Code on Tuesday night with Alvin, Diana and Nick.. I saw Audrey Tautou again after 5 years.. I saw Amelie in Mich's place last time, I fell asleep watching that due to tiredness and bored of reading subtitles.. lol
anyway, seeing her (the actress) again reminded me why I like eyes.. =) she has very nice, captivating eyes.. mm.. =)

Not sure if I did anything on Monday night or not.. hmm.. I need to work on my memory somehow.. Wednesday after going to pyramid for a while with Tammie in the afternoon, went to Midvalley with Sherly. Had dinner, a haircut and also attempted to catch a movie but the lines were.... too long to be bothered about.

Thursday.. I think Diana came and had lunch along with Derrick, her boss person, and .... hmm.. her name starts with S.. *Stephanie, i think* oops.. what's her name .. arghh.. bad memory bad! Chinese class as usual and then met Jo for some late night drinks..

Friday, it was Ken's bday and I was supposed to have a meeting someplace but with the traffic so bad that day.. i took nearly an hour to get home while my dad took more than an hour.. so meeting cancelled.
Went to Alvin's later and then cut cake and etc.. can see the some of the pictures here. played some Monkeys.. and Uno Stacko.. my fingers are too big for Uno Stacko though on the other hand, they're big enough that I can hold a substantial part of it to guide it properly. Len brought my timtams order from Australia.. I've yet to eat any of it.. but.. *drool* can't wait.. CARAMEL TimTams.. I will eat j00!

Saturday.. went over to help YC clean the tank.. dirty tank water splashed all over.. ugh.. bad..... Met Debbie while waiting for water to fill, Chen Hoe came by soon after. They were going for Cheese crab which was quite tempting and YC said she'll buy cos i cleaned le tank. But already told Pat I was going so best if i didn't FFK him. but the dinner was fabulous.. the food was damn damn good but so was the price.. haha
I had Beef Carpaccio and Lamb cutlet.. Raw beef isn't quite my thing but it tasted alright.. the highlight was definitely the lamb cutlet. Me and pat had the same thing and we both tucked in with gusto..

I have some pictures which I'll upload soon enough. *edit* pictures are here Will put the rest up when I get home
After dinner, went to Blonde Bar.. *snore* left after a bit to Ivy which was next door i think.. slightly better but would have been MUCH better if we weren't right next to the fucking speakers.. my ears are still ringing as I type this post.

bedtime.. to be continued

Left Ivy in the absolutely pouring rain.. Len and Pat ran out to get the car.. and then me and Joa ran to the car when they came by.. damn good plan i say.. hahaha. Oh yea, dinner was just the 4 of us. 2 other females were supposed to show up but they ffk-ed. So headed over to Alvin's after that.. I was hungry so I bought the nasi lemak near the Thean Hou temple. Good shit as usual but chicken was a little cold already.. oh well.. My bringing the food brought about a chorus of exclamations and disgruntledness from the rest.. "why didn't you buy for me" was commonly heard. *grin*

was there.. dozing off a little at times.. I didn't get my required afternoon nap on saturday.. *whine* Jo was gonna come join us at Bar Blonde but she didn't in the end cos we told her we were leaving. Had drinks with her again at Jelutong.. where stories of sleazy guys who try to make females drink too much were abound.. those guys give us guys a bad name me thinks.. *glares*

Sunday was yet another work day.. stock take = le suck.. Lunch was quite nice even though it was just 'ta pau (take-away)' food. I met Jo for drinks after work.. (again) lol =) and met up with Pat at Kiara Coffeebean.. I speculated that I may be a minor in bi-polar disorder and minor ADD but.. i'm probably not.. just a moody ass =) and the conclusion was that I was probably a narciscist and attention seeking.. lol. would explain the journal somewhat =)

Me and Pat were supposed to catch Wanton Me but he lost some interest somewhat.. and yeah it was probably a good thing cos I was kinda broke.. Not was but AM ... *hint hint* Kath said she was interested too but had a nerding date.. lol. Now the next thing on my to-watch is the Actorlympics. and that one is cheap and and I'd get my pay by then already.. yay =)
So no show but we did go for the French Animation thingamajig at Help College in PBD (free event.. yay). There were some good ones like the one titled "Vent" where this guy was walking against the wind and etc.. while a little girl just skipped past without a care in the world.. I think there's a msg in there somewhere.. lol. And then there was this one which was all in gray, drab world. These puppets were moving the puppeteer around cos the poor guy already died so the puppets were like the puppet masters now.. Moving, eating, drinking.. They lived out a day of his life before settling him down for his final repose. The soundtrack was good.. very cute if a little bizarre. Then.. there was this one about a big bully which got a little draggy.. The last one was this one about a navigator and some funny life-form and the plague and the vanity of the scientist who wanted to bring the cure to the world at the expense of the entire crew of the airship.. That was excellent.

Went to eat at Uptown after that and yeah cheap cheap food.. Saturday's dinner could have paid for half a month of food at the hawker centre.. lol That's how vast the difference in price was.. so for French animation and dinner after was me, Pat, Jo, JJ. I rushed for futsal after that.. I was pretty happy with my performance last night.. dynamic and good all-round. Too bad I couldn't cap it off with a goal but I did come close. 2 hits against the bar and 2 almost assists.. There were some actual assist but those are not important.. what's important was what were the things that almost were.

Barbara's back in Malaysia. I lost contact with her after she went back to Melb some 2 yrs back i think.. She msged me on friendster.. It's amazing that she could still find me cos I don't think we have any common friends... but yeah she's got really nice eyes.. hmm.. why did I never pursue her? She's nice eyes.. quirky.. friendly.. hmm.. thoughts to ponder.. kidding.. I'll be meeting up with her and catching up I suppose.. it'd be cool =)

ooo.. found this while looking for something in my archive.. funnies

And I think that's it for my weekly post.. =)
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