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just another sunday - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-21 23:05
Subject: just another sunday
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just realised something
i'm still desperately out of shape.. quite a large turnout today.. I forgot that I left my racquet in one of Kelvin's friend's car.. 2 of them.. so I turned to another one of my racquets.. to my chagrin.. the grip being green proceeded to turn my hand green as well and everything else that it touched!!!
and it was a bloody bright green..
then basketball.. floodlights were out so we played in the semi darkness.. My side won.. haha =) we had 3 girls and 3 guys.. the other side 4 guys 1 girls.. don't think that we had the numerical advantage.. andros had a shoe which fell apart which left him out of it.. then the 3 girls don't really play basketball.. but soo yee was pretty aggressive.. which meant she kinda did get the ball soemtimes.. and i'm just a grossly fat slob who can't run for long periods of time nor control the ball very well.. and then it was over.. last lay out.. lol i didn't know.. so I took the ball and ran and I actually got it in.. and everyone started walking to the bench.. bleh.. =) so here I am still sweating and quite exhausted.. OH.. bought new pair of shoe which is NOT good for sports which require stopping and sprinting.. I can't stop..lightly wrenched my ankle trying the 2nd time..
they look alright... still need another pair of sandals though.. a whole year without sandals.. haha.. how weird is that
oh oh.. one of the girls right.. was one of the girls whom I went to US with when I was 15.. Last time I saw her I think it was when I was 17.. =) or maybe it was when i was 16.. christmas.. after that never saw her ever.. I don't think she recognises me though.. I look kinda different compared to back then... =)
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