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Omigod.. upgraded finally! and... greased lightning!! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-05-20 16:27
Subject: Omigod.. upgraded finally! and... greased lightning!!
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I was just bitching about my hotmail mailbox being 2Mb to HY on thursday night and today I logged in and I saw 5% of mailbox space used. First thing that went through my mind.. omigod WHO deleted all my mails???? upon closer inspection, then only realised that I had the upgrade overnight and they didn't even leave me a msg informing me.. HY's back.. we talked for a few hours... so many months to catch up on.. haha.. I miss my good friends.. the people around me actually have a plan and who actually go through with it and they keep setting me straight..

So.. you learn stuff from ppl, be they friend or foe.. and you'll be a better person for it.. I've learnt not to trust ppl too implicitly.. does that make me more cynical? I don't know.. but at least I won't be the guy looking like the fool who knew last.. I hate that.. hmm..

Last night I caught Grease the musical at KL Convention Centre.. For a while there, I thought i was gonna be late due to some minor traffic on the Federal but luckily it was just a short stretch. As it was, I made it with only 10 minutes to spare.. I watched it with YC, LL and Jo and there were even discounts.. yay =)
lots of ppl watched it.. lots of good looking ppl... yum.. haha then the show itself was entertaining.. The crowd was not boisterous.. I think it may be a Malaysian thing.. A friend caught it on Wednesday and she said the crowd was positively flat.. around me though, there were some hyper teens, enthusiastic not so teens so it wasn't too bad in terms of crowd. I found my seats a bit far as I couldn't see their facial expressions. I wonder how those behind me saw anything..oh well =)

You have to marvel at the way the cast was able to maintain such a level of energy.. the "Hand Jive" made me tired just by looking at them.. heh.. Performance was good.. as for the singing, some misses to be expected. I like the guy the called "Rump" the best.. I think he had the best voice. It was heard when he sang this ditty about mooning... Was gonna use it for a quote but i can't remember how the songs go but that song was really cute.. something about mooning everyday, mooning oh so lonely all by himself..

For more details about the show, click here

Oh yeah.. so I was at Alvin's after the show and had a moment of "hit Albert the dummy" Basically.. you punch him in his abdominals.. My wrist hurts.. *whine*
but on the serious side, all my life I've never considered beating anyone up though the thought did linger in my head after last year's happenings.. I imagined giving him the hurt and then breaking his back to go with it.. but other than that no.. because for me, it's terribly easy to injure anyone.. I just have to act like someone half my size trying to jump for a ball for example.. with arms and legs flailing.. I'd imagine there'll be a lot of walking wounded after my one attempt.. As such, I've pretty much lived in fear of not hurting anyone around me so that people will still play with me.. hehe.. and I am a little clumsy so.. accidents happen.. =)

Alumni dinner tonight. Under orders to bring a camera and take pictures.. so.. keep an eye out for them here.

"No matter how much make-up is applied on me, my eyes ain't ever gonna look bigger." (SooJ 20/05/06)
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