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So today... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-05-18 08:41
Subject: So today...
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I handed in my assignment today.. lots of help from Kathleen.. thanks
I was at 900+ words yesterday at 11pm.. and then I basically stoned until 4am without a single additional word written. Was really struggling with the whole damn thing.. gah
So I went to work.. slept only 3 hours
It's a miracle I can still drive in the morning.. but got better as the day progressed.. I think this is a sign that i'm NOT a morning person.

So uni.. I think today I was the last person to hand in the assignment. Sherly's back already and she came and accompanied me for a while when I was doing my assignment.. by this time I was so sleepy, I kept dozing off at the computer. Tammie was a real gem today, brought me a hotdog and a drink. hahaha.. I skipped lunch u see.. Kathleen also realised that I didn't eat yet and msged me asking me what I wanted.. I was hungry damnit. She got me a pie.. I must admit.. it was a weird pie..

While I was doing my assignment, I also saw Erin of "Confessions of a Paradoxical Fille" fame.. She seems taller than I'd imagine her to be... hmm..
After handing up the assignment, had dinner with Sherly in pyramid. Mantra is this new restaurant there.. doesn't classify as cheap nor pricey.. just mid ranged fare.. taste wise, I would say I'd go again to try the other stuff. There was a weird thing that I asked the waitress about.. Why is the Tomyum BeeHoon cheaper than Tomyum soup without beehoon? she didn't know..

Later met with Jacky and had a drink. Been a while since I saw him due to him joining SIA.. but we caught up and it's like he never left. Good friends who won't betray u are hard to find.. plus they know your style.. and know how to play to it.. lol

and ermm.. oh yeah tuck loong came by.. to pass me the tickets.. any TAMAN SEA ppl.. please contact me for some alumni dinner tickets..

oh yeah.. had another surprise today.. damn car arrived today and I just pumped petrol full for my sis's car.. so NOW I have my own car officially with a half-tank of gas.. w00t
celebration time.. although I do intend to take the A-Class out for a spin..

*edit* what the fuck? It's some fugly colour courtesy of my sister... oh my god..

"preppy is young-ish and active maybe? oh wait.. it's the banana look" Sharon (18/05/06)
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