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Eva's guide to pimping - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-04-29 16:28
Subject: Eva's guide to pimping
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Listening toLynden David Hall - All You Need Is Love
E :go out drinking.... sit at the bar.... coz that's usually where the prospects are...
chat up someone who looks interesting....
make eye contact, smile, buy her a drink.... yada yada
if she reciprocates then good
if she shuns u off.... just tell her nicely that you think she looks hot or something and deserves a drink..... then just walk away with all the might n grace u have left to muster
well it's not easy being in the player world u know
and it definitely isn't easy the first time
but after a few rounds.... you'll get the hang of it
depending on how smooth u are....
if you've got the skills n the luck.... you'd probably make it after the first try
well den u gotta work on it lor

put it this way... ons are all about sex
if u can push aside your feelings n emotions for sex... then you're in the game
otherwise... it's best that u dun even get started at all
u have to know how to deal with awkwardness.... break the ice...

i know a gf who's always feeling awkward after a ons... she's like ok so we're done. now wat?
so i tell her den just get him to send u home laa if u dowan to stay til daylight
n she goes like no laa so poor thing meh.... maybe he tired leh dowan to drive or something...
n i say, den just go to sleep laa n wait for him to send u home next day
n she
is like eeyer... but i'm not used to sleeping in someone else's bed wan
some more next morning i got no toothbrush got morning breath damn malu laa

well, she hung around til morning, didn't sleep a wink (pillow too soft, bed feels lumpy), used her fingers to rub toothpaste in her mouth, den go home laa
next time she was smart enough to carry her own toothbrush in her purse

she went prepared for an ONS?
y not....u neva know when it comes in handy. ALWAYS CARRY RUBBER! oh n constantly make sure it's not expired laa
imagine u get caught in a steamy situation with some hot chick n when it's time.... u realize u have none on.... n she refuses to have sex without rubber
damn potong steam rite?

quote of the day: i have the charms of a buffalo in a china shop
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