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Habeas Corpus - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-04-24 12:50
Subject: Habeas Corpus
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Tags:comedy, habeas corpus, play
Alan Bennett's HABEAS CORPUS (comedy)
Presented by HSBC & Masakini Theate Company

Set in the southern English seaside town of Brighton, Habeas Corpus races along at a cracking pace, dispensing sight and verbal gags as it does so. Bennett’s genius is his ability to portray ordinary middle-class Brits, warts and all, in an amusing and very real way. His characters are beautifully drawn and in the case of Habeas Corpus just a little bit larger than life.

The whole thing revolves around the mid-life crisis of Arthur Wicksteed, a family doctor and serial philanderer. (He is the one who is not getting enough). We also meet his long-suffering wife, Muriel, his flat-chested sister Constance and his hypochondriac son, Dennis. Then there is the formidable Lady Rumpers and her nubile daughter Felicity (It is indeed she whose knickers Arthur is trying to get into). Constance is being pursued by passionate clergyman, Canon Throbbing, and the whole shebang is kept in place by the redoubtable Mrs Swabb… the Wicksteed’s maid.

directed by Chris Jacobs

I saw this last night..
it was hilarious.. would have been better if I had understood more of the dialogue. From the upper crust English accent to the rhyming and the odd burst of while not exactly very loud music, made things more difficult for those (like me) who are accustomed to less accented English. Top that with quick-fire lines and retorts.. I was straining to catch every word lest I missed out on the jokes.. =)
It certainly wasn't quite what I expected it to be. I guess I was expecting sedate, witty repartee, instead it was a very nearly a bawdy, raunchy show.. various cast members were in their undergarments during various segments of the show.. But it was all in good fun, touching included.. =)
There were numerous memorable one-liners but those that stood out were (in reference to Constance)," she's as slim as a boy, maybe that's what attracted me in the first place" !!!

and another was,"He who lusts last, lust longest."

Most memorable performance were probably the 2 good doctors, Dr. Arthur Wicksteed and Sir Percy Shorter. Cannon, the clergyman was just rather annoying and Dennis was a little anonymous..
Other cast members put on a solid show however, I feel for the depressed suicidal guy.. he had barely a peep... very understandable as to why he's suicidal.. =)

Yeah but otherwise good. =)
Next up maybe Wanton Me or Grease.. not too sure yet. Actorlympics is coming soon as well.. omigod
so much to watch.. so little money.. lol
Take care peeps

Oh I had a haircut as well and dyed it too.. =)
Now I'm back to being Ah Beng.. yay for me
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-04-26 12:23 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
(J here)

Hey... you only paid 30bucks for the show la....
I had to pay 50!

(me jelez)
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2006-04-27 00:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
actually it was more like RM20
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