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miniest of updates.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-03-28 23:19
Subject: miniest of updates..
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Listening toLee Hom - Kiss Goodbye
I've been meaning to watch V for Vendetta for a while now but keep getting stood up..
*glares at the world in general*

In other news, I'm not moving... yet..
=) The developer refused to sell!! cue *shock* *gasp of amazement*
Imagine how annoyed he must be.. lol.. yes my dad can do that to anyone..
no one's immune but himself i think.. sigh

Oh yea.. I might soon have my very own car.. but the thing about this family.. the only things certain are that discipline, time, cleanliness are the bedrock to a productive individual.. everything else is secondary.
OTHER than that, everything goes.. =)
oh yeah.. I managed to crack the LCD and the casing of my spanking phone.. and it was recently repaired to the cost of 359.. *sob*
Been playing futsal again.. so damn rusty that I cannot seem to time my kick anymore.. gah.. I could kick a lot better last year... sigh..

Frankfurt Frankfurt.. woot!!!
roughly 6 months to go to my europe trip.. yay.. ahahahahahahaha
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