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briefness - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2006-02-15 00:46
Subject: briefness
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It's been a month since my last update not that anyone has missed anything....
In that time, I've dropped my phone and replaced it with the Sony Ericsson W800i which is partially sponsored by mom, dad, sis and a cousin.. =) yay
and then.. I've gone on my angpow hunt which I didn't get to do last year as I had a paper on the 6th day of CNY....
and then.. oh yeah.

Bad thing happened.. my mom's 3rd brother passed away on the 3rd day of CNY so that put a damper on things.. to put it mildly.. BUT he have been going for dialysis for the past more than a year and his condition has deteriorated over the past 3-4 weeks and it wasn't totally unexpected. My 3rd aunt took it quite well from the looks of things.. but my mom's oldest brother, he always thought that him and his brothers would all live to see 80.. and it broke his heart that a younger brother of his didn't make that mark..

Other that that.. I think I was at a few houses and teaching people not to gamble.. muahahaha
So during CNY I saw some people I've not seen in many years.. There was a mini reunion dinner for HSchool peeps which then adjourned to Swensen's for a spot of sweetness.

and.. there's just a bit too much to go over so.. yeah..
most recent happenings.. I caught 2 movies on saturday..
Fearless and Firewall..
2 movies I'd recommend watching.

Sherly was around during CNY so I brought her around to some places.. =) get the feel of chinese new year here... Had popiah at my uncle's house.. collect some angpow =)
ermm.. Oh yeah.. today's Valentine's day..
I surprised her with some flowers and a teddy that she mentioned in passing that resembled me.. so I got that one.. and then we had dinner at Avanti's
4 hour dinner..
not suprisingly, I'm not full.. and I complained and received 15% discount which isn't all that much but.. substantial enough since the bill is rather large..

Oh and we ( me and sherl ) went up to Genting on Sunday.. went to SnowWorld and went mad.. was quite tired after that.. hehe and then walked around etc.. ate lunch at Gohtong.. food doesn't seem as nice as I remembered it to be.. At night, I made dinner in 1 hour.. I plead rustiness for the length of time I take to cook. but she liked it.. or so she said =)

It's Jo Ann's wedding this saturday.. man everyone's in a hurry to be married these days =)
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