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Merry Christmas =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-12-25 11:49
Subject: Merry Christmas =)
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As usual, I've been remiss in updating my blog and all... =)
but... yet another quick low-down

I finally caught that movie they called Narnia.. It's not that bad .. lots of bad reviews by peers were made about it but I think that it's a Disney movie and it should be left at that. everything ends happily ever after.. =)

We had a pre-Christmas dinner on the 17th as I reckoned Christmas eve dinner would blow a hole in my wallet that I'd be unable to repair.. =) As it was.. dinner at Avanti in Sunway wasn't cheap but it was well worth it.

A singing troupe goes from table to table.. ermm... food is excellent.. Service is brilliant (alp! running out of superlatives) and it was just all round goodness.. Oh we even doodled on the table. They give u some crayons and the tabletop is covered with paper.. We drew and we wrote.. haha =) reliving childhood.. hehe

We had bak kut teh the next morning.. I lost my way.. again.. but I finally got there.. it was drizzling a little and the food was nice as usual =)
we went back after that and had a nap. We went to 1U after that for a short visit cos the t-shirt she bought me was a tad small... She had her dinner at Nando's cos I had to go for dinner with my granma. Took her home after that.

On Tuesday, I headed down to Shah Alam to return some things and also pick up a cheque. On the way back, I stopped by Sunway and had lunch with Sayang and Ivana. We had the dry Pan Mee.

Then I went off to pick up yet another brand new comp and then return to the office.
That night, we had dinner at Aldy.. So far the only thing I'm eating regularly is the Bakso.. =)

There was some free stuff to be had but I forgot to redeem it at Oggy. Free dessert. *sob*
Oggy is this Italian at Regent Hotel.. Service is excellent, food less so.. But the price tag mirrored Avanti.. =) *oof*
We had supper later as we were.. hungry again.. Had the delicious beef noodles at 1% of the previous meals price tag.. lol.. much more fulfilling as well

Saturday I went to work and then left early to go to have lunch at The Brasserie (the Regent Hotel). After some question marks about the validity of my Hi-Tea voucher.. me and Sherly proceeded to get to work.. We tried nearly everything.. Appetizers, mini burgers. Salad bar, etc.. and my favourite section.. DESSERT!! I love desserts.. hahaha
We ate until we could barely move. The staff was very good.. I really like the service at the Regent. I can't say the same about Westin.. ugh.. *glares* went for a walk at Lot 10 and bought a backpac.. I was really after the sandals but they were not in season.. bah and the vouchers were expiring really soon. (notice vouchers mentioned everywhere)

After that we went home and I took a long nap and then picked her up and went to my cousins' place for a Christmas gathering. On the way to pick her up, I was stuck in a traffic jam which was caused by some fucked up dickheads with those walkie-talkies who rushes to the scene of an accident to get them to sign things to get their car towed and then they get paid for it. Problem was these guys were on my side of the highway while the accident was on the OTHER side of the highway.. fucked up selfish bastards.. bah

Got there really late like about 9pm. Then had food and then introduced her to some family and staff.
After that we departed to KLCC and well.. had a fight about something which I'd rather not get into.. But.. I managed to pull it together and we made up.. Love you sayang.. =)

Today.. Have the whole day ahead of us.. don't know what to do though.. I originally wanted to have the hi-tea today.. but the voucher wasn't valid.. oh well =)

Hsiang Yang's leaving this coming Saturday. It'd make it 3 weeks since he came back and I haven't seen him yet.. lol
=) everyone's busy..

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year fellas..
Happy birthday to the December babies.. Hsiang Yang, Sui Ping, Ah Heng, Michelle Leong.. =)
Have a good one guys
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