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of weird fetishes and www.sexylosers.com - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-11-10 00:54
Subject: of weird fetishes and www.sexylosers.com
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I am feelingamusedamused
today was a very busy day at work.. (I'm still to finish up my last China trip)
yet.. i'm posting about something else today..
I was humongously bored today.. and I spent the better part of an hour dredging up people.. =) (that's my life for you)

anyway.. I discovered I had quite a few sick friends.. friends with errands, friends at work.. etc.. and so on and so forth
anyway.. finally settled on Pat =)
I wheedled food out of him.. as his consolation gift for me for my bday..
There was this Kathleen person whom I had made an acquaintance over the phone previously when I said that I might show up for a certain group dinner thing.. =P
There's this guy who's name I didn't quite catch... and then there was Jo-Lyn.. apparently me and Pat make the same jokes about her.. heh

they have.. very .. ermm.. hmm.. eccentric conversation topics..
art films.. film noirs.. films that makes a lasting impression.. whatever happened to bloody watching popcorn flicks.. =D
anyway... i was enjoying my maggi goreng while trying to imagine that the conversation bouncing about was actually about.. the latest pop flicks.. how the chicks around seem particularly hot.. or .. cars.. (which isn't exactly my thing)..

and then the guy and Kath left
then Albert came..
and topic was about the mini film projects that they were gonna run
and.. it veered into the kind of story-line that they want to go to..
these guys.. are.. SICK!!! =)

When it comes out, I shall direct you there..
of course they already have their cover-lines ready.. so.. but..
i don't know
somethings to me are taboo..
who cares.. =)

at least their life seems more interesting than my mundane life.
My ears perked up at the mention of AD&D
I read extensively esp fantasy realm type books.. and in form5, me and a few classmates were gonna do a role-playing game in the Macross universe..
Alpha fighters, Beta.. etc.. but it never took off.. and I must say I've been pretty interested in it.
For a time, it seemed like my friend in Melbourne was gonna start playing but again it fizzled out.
Hopefully, this one will actually take off..

And quickly now, Birthday greetings to
shout out to Tricia..
sorry I don't have your number in Aus so I can't call.. I asked Michele but she doesn't have it =)
And Vince
Bro.. been trying to catch you for a while.. hopefully I'll be able to reach you today.

that's it for today..
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