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As you ppl know.. I'm sick today. Went to see the doctor who happened… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-16 22:06
Subject: (no subject)
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As you ppl know.. I'm sick today. Went to see the doctor who happened to be Fong Chien's mom.. it was a conscious decision on my part.. not sure why i chose.. anyway.. i think i waited for an hour or so.. then she saw me and the usual questions and examination.. then came the shock.. there's a VERY SPECIAL medicine which costs 60 bucks for 5 capsules.. inflation i say.. =P guess what.. I didn't have enough to pay for the whole thing.. hehe i only had 75 bucks on me and the total was 95 for everything.. I wonder if i'm gonna get scolded for this as well.. I'm DAMN BROKE.. 40 for petrol. 95 for this medicine.. can't remember what else there was but i've alraedy withdrawn 190 in total alraedy and i'm down to 40 bucks.. and i came back with 200 bucks at the start... bleh.. not too sure what i'm spending on either.. haih..
Oh maybe it's buying all the computer stuff.. I bought macromedia dreamweaver 4 today.. cos i wanted to do up my homepage and because I don't have the thing yet.. not here anyway
Eric has decided he can't bring my stuff back for me so I have to find someone else. I asked vince to help with searching for sea freight.. hopefully something will turn up.
I bought KFC for another lunch.. feeling damn hungry.. This flu is gonna kill me financially.. I went for a haircut as well.. lol
I spent nearly 150 today alone
haih.. i need cash.. who can i rob huh.. hehe
i'm gonna go sleep soon =) TIRED.. damn flu
tomorrow have to work somemore
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