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sigh - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-06-16 02:40
Subject: sigh
Security: Public
I am feelingdiscontentdiscontent
right after the previous post was made, I went to see her and we were at Xtreme park sitting down studying..
but... it didn't go as planned
but we worked that out..
later I actually went to Lagoonview and studied there with her.. there was a power cut for about 1+ hour.. after that.. studied somemore.. and I fell asleep cos I was just so tired...
i got up at 5 am.. then went home..
but.. I went home happy..

Today.. was the exam and I guess i'm moderately happy with it..
I caught a few people as well.. cos it'd be the last time i'd be seeing most of them..
and then.. was supposed to go buy some fishies with Sherly but.. there was a slight change of plans..
Anyway.. I noticed that my tank's doing stupid thing again where.. all the bottom dweller dies.. just like before.. it'll take a while before everything settles again i think..
i wonder what is it that's causing it though..

just now, we were at Old Klang Road having a drink.. and enjoying each other's company.. immensely
now.. we're at another impasse..
i can't get over.. how she's irked by almost every little thing.. ugh
i miss her..
sigh.. and i don't like to see her upset over something so trivial..
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