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how disappointing - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-06-13 01:42
Subject: how disappointing
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I am feelingdisappointed + contemplative
Certain events has happened which has made me think back to what MY once said to me.. If there is a pattern of your "then" gf's seeking solace in the arms of others, perhaps there is something wrong with you.. and not them.
Now.. for the life of me, I don't know what it is in my nature or behaviour that sets off that kind of behaviour in my 'others'
but.. it's becoming a bit stupid/retarded.
I know that I won't do things like that and I guess I hold them to that kind of standard as well. Although in this instance, she isn't even technically with me yet.. although de facto..
I guess.. I refuse to accept that there's anything wrong with me behaviour.. I put my all into a relationship and I expect to be given that same.. consideration i guess..
I wonder if there's someone out there who might find that something they are looking for in a guy.. I don't know
But I feel that it's stupid.. now blindingly obvious that, it's stupid.. to commit to something that isn't there..

Yesterday was so good..
today just sucks
I wonder what will tomorrow be?

I've recently begun to talk to Su Yin again.. my ex of.. some 5 years ago.. almost to the day now..
and.. I don't know.. I believe there's still some angst there.. cos from the jibes and all.. she's reverted to calling me annoying... a label that she once tacked on me prior to us being together.. I remember commenting to YC, do girls rehash the same things.. and she said.. sadly yes =D
words straight from the horse's mouth!

Jamie has come and gone.. due to some miscommunication, we didn't meet up last night and today I've been mainly busy..
I met up with YW today cos I didn't wanna have dinner with my parents. I had lunch with them at Sheraton Imperial.. and though it was expensive, the food was.. mediocre at best. And the whole thing took up nearly 3 hours of my time.. sheesh.. time i can better spend elsewhere.

That's it for the updates
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2005-06-14 02:18 (UTC)
Subject: my timing sucks once again

commitment to a relationship is key to its success but, as the saying goes, all good things come in moderation. Lots of people get scared away by "over-enthusiastic interest" (girl friend on her views of guys & "they're just not into you" philosophy) and "over passionate/demanding circumstances".

That said, there are people out there who do look for 100% commitment in a relationship. Sometimes it may be the timing of asking for 100% that is crucial, and sometimes...it's just the phase in life you may be in as opposed to hers.

now let's try & see what happens if i actually come back in a week's time... LS
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-06-14 05:49 (UTC)
Subject: Re: my timing sucks once again
Indeed your timing sucks.. =)
check in a wee bit more often, there may be less.. angst in between.. hahaha =)
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