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happy days.. here or not? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-06-05 16:58
Subject: happy days.. here or not?
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Friday night, I went out!!!
but to starbucks.. to study.. =P
Went with Sherly and we sat there outside.. I did actually manage to study... haha lovely

I commented that the barista was cute.. so everytime I went in, she'd say,"going to see her isit?"
silly woman..
We were there till 1? or so.. and then went for some food.. Can't remember where though. all I know was that it was in her company.. hehe
oh wait.. I remember now, we went to Alisan.. then I said something that got her thinking again.. sigh.. I talk too much sometimes.. YW and MK came by after that and then we left...
We had another long talk.. (long talks everyday, sheesh =))

then dropped her home.. came back.. flipped through the text book a bit more.
talked to her sister who's in US for the first time.. hehe I don't think I made much of an impression lol

I didn't go for buffet lunch.. didn't feel like wastnig 3 hours eating..
In the end YW came to pick me up and I had food then.
came back, read another chapter
dozed off..
YC came to pick up the turtle.. it's a she.. SHE was messing up my tank really badly.. so, I gave to YC to keep for me for the time being..
=) I forgot to tell YC that her name is Goblok.. lol Me and Sherly named her a few weeks back
just put a picture up of her on blogspot @ http://soojc.blogspot.com
then.. had dinner with parents at supertanker again.. haih
went to pick Sherly up after that.
We went to Starbucks in Kiara this time cos it's open 24 hours on weekends.. studied there for a bit.. I covered about 4-5 chapters.. as well as re-read the assignment.
walked around the place for a while as well to stretch our legs
left at 12.. I got really restless and there was more and more people there as well.
Went to the place behind Centrepoint for some goodies.. =)
talked somemore..
and.. sent her home.
Came back and slept soon after.. was quite tired. only slept like 5 hours the day before.

Dad's flew off somewhere, mom's out.. i'm hungry now
5 pm
no lunch
dinner.. don't know who to eat with
happy =)
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