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Usually I post more when i'm sad... =) very long post, but.. there's a joke in there somewhere..hehe - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-06-01 16:29
Subject: Usually I post more when i'm sad... =) very long post, but.. there's a joke in there somewhere..hehe
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I am feelingcheerfulcheerful
I had been rushing my assignment for the past 2 days..
actually the entire weekend, when I was awake and other than going out, I was doing my assignment. You wont' believe the nightmares that I have.. *shudders*
I had dinner with my granma on Saturday.

ermm.. don't remember having lunch on Sunday. oh.. a little side note

my oft-mentioned cousin.. Soo Lun, is gonna be having his wedding date sometime in November.. sweet =D he's already been registered (officially married) since last year but only this year they're gonna make it 'official' in the Chinese eyes.. yay =)

ehm.. I had dinner with her on Sunday night.. rushed home to do assignment. Though this may seem rather petty, I had blocked Cindy off my MSN, haven't actually deleted her which would be even more drastic.. =) and she was trying to reach me to ask me how to do her part of the assignment... JBee actually had to msg me.. lol.. a bit sad i guess that things has turned out this way. =)


Monday went for class
I saw Madam? Ghazala after class and told her that I had missed the Saturday cb presentation which I was due to attend.. due to.. oversleeping and tiredness on the said day.. she gave me a look... =( and told me to follow her to her room. She had me fill up my assessment sheet with the particulars and to pass it to her.. Hopefully I'll get some marks for something.. sigh. The cb group assignment marks came back already and apparently the average was about 13+/25
my group had 19.7/25.. it's all thanks to Ben's effort I tell you.. Maybe I wasn't insistent enough that the marks be allocated more to his side.. sigh..
I went to attempt to look for Reddy after that to enquire about the assignment but.. he was refusing to answer anymore questions about the assignment. sigh

I went to Pyramid after that with Sherly and we were at Coffeebean for.. 3-4 hours.. just talking about.. stuff.. sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was serious.. but all of it was spent in her company which was good.. =) At the end of it all, she wanted to stay in Pyramid.. for reasons that I didn't know at the time.. after another 20-30 minutes spent in the parking lot talking, she told me she'd decided that she was gonna get back with him.. I was sad...
But it's partly my doing cos I told her that she should for a few reasons I won't reveal..
so I went back.. heavy-hearted.. she had her misgivings as well about the whole thing..
sigh but.. she changed her mind later because her feelings towards him had changed already and she couldn't go through with it. so.. she's not with him..
yay .. hahaha

I went home, had dinner and prepared to sit down to do assignment. Jacky called about the assignment, I pointed out various parts where we had problems.. then he said he'll round up the group to stay over and do work.. I was like.. err.. no.. =) then he was rather insistent, something about being consistent and everything. He said that Cindy didn't need to come cos she's already done her part and she was rather clueless anyway.. which I totally agreed.. seeing her in my house would be difficult to explain to my parents.. (bad sentence structure). He would go pick Aishath up and then come.. but it'd be much later. so I agreed.

Yeok Cheng just got back from Paris that day, I accompanied her to dinner at Kim Gary at the Curve. They close early.. 9.30pm was the last call for orders. *shrug*
we talked.. and we caught up.. OHHHHHH

funny story

Parisians only have side parking.. the one where u line up in a row yes? anyway.. the park REALLY close.. and it's like half a feet away from the car in front and the car at the back
and.. YC speculated that the way they get in is when in the morning, everyone just slides into space one after another. They don't have boxes, but only just a single white line which demarcates the parking area from the road.
She actually saw someone TRY to get out of the parking space..
The driver would ease gently forward and then HIT the car .. well maybe not HIT but nudge the car in front and then reverse to nudge the car behind..
back and forth until there was enough space to exit.. LOL =) Cars in paris are usually of the Hatchback variety and also the Smart Ka which is the miniscule car produced by Mercedes Benz. other cars are not really.. popular and I can imagine why.. Would I subject a e.g. Ferrari that I have to such street parking? being bumped back and forth is a recipe for repairs.. so the cars there tends to be a little beaten up and all the fenders are scratched.. hehehe
Don't rent expensive cars in Paris.. and always remember to buy insurance.. =P

Came back and then.. waited for them to arrive
Finally came at 12+
was up the whole night.. Aishath went out first.. 3 am.. she went to sleep.. oh.. we shared a Pizza too.. haha
=) then Jacky slept at.. 8am? She came back down then.. and then I slept at 11 am when they left..
I was out until 2+ and Jacky called me to haul ass to the college. I still had one more graph to complete. Turns out.. it was near impossible to get that graph going..
In the end we fobbed it.
wonder how that's gonna work. Oh saw Afeef there as well.. but I didn't get the chance to update him on me and Cindy.. might have been awkward.. *shrug*
Joanna was there as well.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!! =)
She was "ahem-ing" away so I introduced her to Sherly.. she didn't seem quite satisfied with the introduction.. hahaha was waiting for me to clarify the status I think.. *grin*
Sherly came and waited for me while I was attempting to create a bit of magic =D we had drinks at Medan then I sent her back.

came home and I took a nap.. I was so tired.. gosh.. but it was only a short one, had dinner then went online for a while.. didn't really talk to anyone..
She was sleeping so I didn't want to disturb her, I did send her a msg and I was surprised when I had a reply.. turns out she was up already.. .... -_-`
made plans for breakfast... 4.30 am.. omigod
went to bed around 2+
she woke me up at 4.30..
dragged my tired ass out of bed and washed up some..
we drove around for like an hour cos couldn't find any place to eat. We ended up in Tanjung (near Taipan) for Nasi Lemak ayam.. I thought the food was a tad expensive.. it was just one piece of fried chicken..
anyway... we had a short walk.. saw the sun peeking out in the distance.. sent her home and got stuck in a jam coming back.. people were going to work.. yay.. and I was just going to sleep...

I studied 2 chapters before going to sleep.. my dad was funny this morning
"had breakfast with someone?"
"how bout you have breakfast with your parents more?"
*gave dad the evil eye*

then I slept till 2-3 pm..
so much catching up to do.. sleep-wise
I think that's all i'm gonna say.. for now

OHH if anyone wants a puppy.. hmm.. actually I'm not sure about this, will find out more and see if the owner is giving them away..
and my bluetooth headset all the way from US has finally arrived.. yay =) more money shelled out though.. =(
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