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weekends - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-24 15:05
Subject: weekends
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I am feelingcrankycranky

I had dinner with my parents at this place.. seafood.. very popular.. you must make a reservation or you ain't gonna get a seat.. sheesh
food.. was passable, had better elsewhere and the wait was horrendous.
I got really skittish cos they were just taking their time eating..
came back and got ready for the night out..
Sherly and Ivana were rather impatient and they were already ready by 9.30pm so I picked them up.. she looked gorgeous.. =)
anyway.. I was the designated cameraman.. little did I know that the camera wouldn't last too long.. sigh
didn't know where to go due to our dressing.. so went to jamie's place and waited there for those people to be done.
Milton came by close to 10.30pm
by that time, most of them were done..
Ah May, Eunice and Jamie

I went to pick Yew Wen up and then headed down to kl... there was a jam and by the time I got to Havanita, Jamie asked me to take a friend back to the Hotel, Bernice was her name. and I duly obliged since I haven't parked yet.. of course that sparked a mini row which I'd only find out later..
anyway.. La Meridien and back and then parked the car.. and went in..
Band was starting up.. rock music.. pah..
the FA cup finals was on as well.. MU lost on penalties.. sheesh
got some pictures of the night.. it's actually supposed to celebrate Jamie's upcoming bday and to commemorate her leaving for Singapore tonight.
I got 18 pictures for the night.. half of them, the camera was begging for mercy (low batt indicator blinking)
Sherly and Ivana were dancing away by the time I got there..
and they were in the dancing area until nearly 2+
there were some incidents in there which I wasn't happy about.. but.. apparently the blame lies on me cos I left her alone.. sigh
anyway.. Yew Wen was stoned.. depressing day/week plus whiskey on the rocks = bad =)
there were a few people whom I haven't met before
Jes (mag owner), Ace?, Nicole, ermmm.. Carla (model), 2 guys, hmm.. i think that's it?
I had quite a few drinks myself.. but it's all good.. i wasn't drunk maybe a little high.. there was an incident but.. it was nothing much really.. just payback for being annoying
heh. YW was being a real dork.. he kept going "ssss.. hawt!" lol and "she's hot wei!"

YW had to go back so there was no supper with them, just sent him back and then me and the 2 girls had supper at MTien. had lots of fluids.. I could feel the onset of the headache already.. =)
walked them in.. Dad called.. came home.. *5 am*

woke up quite late, then had lunch and went to the temple at Chempaka Lodge.. they did some prayers.. I watched.. =)
and.. came back and then waited for the girls to come pick me up.. Dad damaged his car so he drove mom's car for the wedding dinner that night..
so I didn't have a car.. bleh
the girls took an hour to get to my place... they got lost again.. hehe silly..
went to klang for dinner in the end.. took a long time though.. made stops for gastric medicine/donuts..
finally got to eat at.. errmm.. 10+
waiting for the food was long as well.. but the food was good.. and cheap..
only 68 bucks.. but I won't be able to find my way there.. so don't ask me to go by myself.. =)
leaving the place, I got lost.. lol so Milton had to come save me

had quick drinks with YW after that at Alisan with Jamie in tow..
send all back and then came home.. Sherly got home later after accompanying Ivana to go out with guys from the night before.. Not happy.. but what could I say/do..
we had a mini fight that night.. but made up after a while.. sigh she drives me crazy sometimes..

woke up for IM project so to speak..
got to do surveys for money..
6 hours for about 90 bucks.. wasn't too bad i guess but it was tiring and the amount of stupid reasons that people give
such as.. "oh i'm not from around here, I'm leaving (10 minutes later still there)"
the surveys were really brief.. sigh
anyway.. wasn't easy and we walked around a fair bit.. me and pat had drinks as well.. and lunch.. so that ate into the money a little.. =D
Dinner was with William, Kong and Sam at the korean bbq in tamansea. 17 bucks per person = cheap
we stuffed ourselves good.. I could barely walk after that.. *groan*
came back and went to see her for a while.. we had another argument.. hehe.. over something else.. she doesn't trust/believe me..
so it's difficult..
but I think we ironed out the kinks..

yeah .. that's it.. i'm headed to Uni now.. group discussion.. oh noes.. her again?
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