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Le weekend - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-17 16:08
Subject: Le weekend
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I am feelingsatisfiedsatisfied
Was so late for mahjong on saturday.. haih..
then.. didn't have too good a day at the office.. lost about RM10 in the end.. =)
so it wasn't so bad..
I had to get substitutes for myself after a while.. Jamie & Alicia helped.. they didn't fare much better but when I shoo-ed them away, I won the next few rounds.. did that trick for a while.. hehe

It was a pretty poor week for getting over the cow, I guess all the news about her and him just knocked me out for another week.
I guess I was just reviewing everything that she said.. how she wants to meet new people (BS), be independent (BS), better being single (BS), wanted to tell you (BS), =)
lies and more lies.. how do u trust a person when they lie to you in your face? there's no point in saving that relationship is there? (male and female alike)

more likely the truth is more like..
bored, need new excitement.. oh and something else that came up was.. financially secure.. when I heard that I was like wtf? that's a new one.. Everything that I'm not basically.. =) I guess it's been hard because I saw a future... perhaps that vision wasn't shared.. but I gave it my all to achieve that vision and got burned.. sometimes I wish that they both burn in hell for what they've done to me.. but then other times, i resign myself to karma and what goes around, comes around.
I ain't sure how long it'll take me to get rid of that bitterness inside... ugh

something useful to ponder
I've let it all out

and i know it's not fair to her.. so I'm trying to fix myself as quickly as possible.. she's helped a lot.. =) thanks dear.. =)
I wrote her a testimonial the other day.. I missed a word while I was typing it up.. contemplating fixing that or to leave it as it is to illustrate honesty.. with warts and all =)

anyway.. was there at J's house until about.. 1-ish.. I seemed a little melancholy, they were a little worried for me but I waved them away.. then picked Sherly and Ivana up for late drinks at.. Dharoos in TTDI, YW the slut was in kl somewhere cruising with....
=) then.. yeah i was up till.. 12 pm.. then had lunch.. and then only I slept for like.. 2-3 hours before heading to Genting.. I was one of the 2 drivers.. Jamie, Eunice, May, Joey, Milton were the rest of the people going up..
we made good time, we even stopped at Joey's house for a while cos she had something to pick up. emm.. i was very hungry by this time, then.. in due time, we were up and parked and checked in.. FIRST order of business was to eat.. food was quite good and reasonable.. can't remember the name of the restaurant but it's the one just up the escalator from the "Be a Star" karaoke lounge,
so.. ate then a few of the girls needed a shower.. so we went back to the rooms. oh we had an adjoining room. 4 double beds in total. Plan was for them to share.. and the guys get one each. =) I fell asleep waiting for the girls to shower.. lol. Was so tired.

Then it was time to go, we went to the karaoke.. and.. well.. I nearly cried.. =) stupid alcohol/depressant plus depressing chinese songs...
not good for the mind.. Then seeing my state, they decided to sing the fast songs, songs that they could dance to, lol big big lift...
ooo.. and I received news that Ben had shingles.. bad.. eww =) actually he just called me .. not received news.. made it sound like there's a news channel dedicated to his every movement.. lol

so.. karaoke.. then Starbucks for some grub and drinks.. had a panini with cheese and ham.. brings back memories.. lol =) but I was fine already.. I could smile at my idiocy.
Then went back to the room where 1 slept, 2 started drinking/playing with .. *ahem*
I waited for 2 of them and we went to the casino! I made a deposit with Genting that night.. lol =)
went back to the room.. my room was locked..
and the adjoining door was closed.. hahaha
door was opened in due time, and I proceeded to get myself into the mode for sleeping.. Ah May was giggling away really loudly.. ugh.. had to hit her with the pillow a few times before she shut up... bah

I finally managed to sleep at about.. 4 am..
probably later.
woke up at 9.30 am.. omigod.. was so sleepy.. the alarm was bugging the other 2 in the next bed.. they had pillows covering their heads.. lol
took a very very long shower to allow myself to wake up..
no brekkie, so just went without. I got back to my house in under an hour.. woot =) seems a little stupid i guess.. hehe
I moseyed about in my house and then only left for college. I skipped Investments cos i wouldn't have been able to make for the class. the fact that that stupid cow was there also contributed. I've began reading my text book already.. so much to cover ugh..
Anyway, I had to go in for CB cos I was supposed to do my presentation but she was late so there was only time for ONE presentation and the mini test. This was the first test that I actually managed to get a 1/1 for.. lol
MCQ rules!

had a discussion with Aishath after that.. then I came home with her so that we could actually type out what we wanted to do.. and to run the excel files.. there was also a slight plan to eat with me but that was.. omitted.. cos I stopped being hungry after a while.. no one was available.. Ben and his shingles, Jacky was doing his assignment, Sherly didn't pick up, Alicia didn't pick up.. bah

so.. did some work.. Aunt dropped my dad's car home and then.. I sent Aishath back and picked Sherly up to have dinner..
settled for this place in SS15, and I ate and she didn't.. she had catering with him... =)
we left just as her brother's friends were coming in.. so they just missed us.. lol
sent her home.. came back and had a nap

picked a friend up for some drinks later.. and then sent her to let her do her work. Then, I went to look for YC for yumcha.. she just got back from Tioman see.. =) regaled me with some stories.. how the local island folks tried to pick them up.. (3 girls on an island by themselves) haha
after a while, dropped her home and looked for William.. had some more revelations plus.. the fact that he knows Sherly.. lol.. lovely small world we live in.
we talked some... he showed me some fantastic clips of some goals and some slick moves..
came back and slept.. =)
Today is a new day.. nothing much done so far =)
not planning to go in for class.. gonna work on assignments.. gah

i think that's it .. mega long.. as usual.. I don't post as much anymore.. a good sign =)
spare u guys the rants too.. hehe
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