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~~~~~~ - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-10 11:02
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I am feelingdraineddrained
Sometimes I think the biggest thing about breaking up is that, in one go, you have a big gaping hole in your life..
where there used to be someone, there's nothing now.. sure friends can fill the gap but they also have their own lives to lead.
I don't know what has gotten into me.. maybe it's the extra time that I've been spending at home.. but I've been feeling heaps of melancholy
maybe i'm slipping into depression even, i don't know..
but it's beginning to freak me out that someone has affected me so.. even more freaky is that that person don't care..
I'm past the tears basically, just feeling the ache..
doing things help but.. being home alone like this.. reminds me how different it used to be.. someone calling me, someone asking me to come over, someone hugging me..

it didn't use to be so quiet..
I think I still carry a picture of her in my wallet.. the one that was taken at valentine's in midvalley.. i think today is the day i take it out.

one last thing to go.. the picture in my phone.... =)
The ring is off already.. much longer than everything else..
The ringtone, the homepage, the testimonial in friendster, photo in my wallet, photo in the picture frame, all the photos.. all kept away.. one more thing to go..

*edit of the edit*
picture's deleted
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