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of noodles, sheep, lambs, and innocence lost.. <- Not very likely.. =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-09 19:06
Subject: of noodles, sheep, lambs, and innocence lost.. <- Not very likely.. =)
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I am feelingsleepysleepy
let's see.. time for a little update
Saturday I had... drinks with the Yew Wen after that post..
and then
came back.. didn't feel like eating
had a headache the whole day.. thanks to a certain someone..
anyway.. it went on for the rest of the night and I went out at.. close to 11 or 12 to meet a few of them for drinks.. I briefly contemplated joining YW at the curve to meet an apparent hottie.. but my mind wasn't up to it.. the headache, the heartache just...
anyway, almost had a DOTA session.. in fact.. already started up the game and was loading it up and then I received a call from Jamie.. sigh
she needed saving cos some people were making her drink and she was well drunk already.. and was getting rather emo as well..
so.. what am i to do? but to go save her..
drove all the way to Passion.. I think it took me.. 15+ - 20 mins to get there.. which is.. amazing considering the distance I had to cover.. and the minor jam that I encountered outside that area opposite Shangri-la hotel.
I was already in a lousy mood to begin with
and then they took their time coming out.. I had no where to stop and I had to be a huge-ass road obstruction.. and i wasn't happy about that either.
so I sent Eunice home first.. and then I brought Jamie to Sri Anggerik to have supper with Milton.. In hindsight, I should have just dumped her sorry ass at home..
I had her house keys and she wouldn't sit still and kept trying to get to it..
I flipped..
and.. hit the brakes..
she hit the windshield.. there's a crack now on the windshield.. sigh.. and I told a lie that something fell from the sky etc.. (to my parents)
so.. that should do the trick..

and then
so after all that, dropped her home.. came back and finally slept.. close to 5

Sunday.. I got up at 1 i think.. was sooooo tired..
of course.. since I got up so late, pretty much wasted the whole day.. then I had a very late lunch at Alisan with Siew Weng and YW. we had a 2 hour session of DOTA.. was really crap and.. I came back to work on my CB section..
then it was dinner time and had to go..
dinner was nice and all the food that is.
came back and began on it..
I gotta stop procrastinating.. something that should have taken only 3-4 hours to do with full referencing and perhaps more oomph took instead the rest of the night plus it wasn't done very well..
I felt rather bad about it and I told Ben today that for the marks allocation, they can just shunt me with 10% out of 20% and I'll be happy.. they can have the rest..
so today.. was at the lab sorting out Sherly's thingo.. and then went for CB.. had a crash course in 'reference groups' and took the mini test.. lol
I was going a little crazy i guess.. and Miss Ghazala quietly told me she will let today slide cos she saw a change in my mood which is good.. but next week, i'll get a scolding if i behaved that way.. lol =) she's nice..

then went for lunch at.. pink today.. just me and Ben and he sorta scolded me about my sub-standard work which was well-deserved imho..
I agreed too..
after lunch, I went to the comp lab.. and found one after like 15 minutes of searching..
found Michelle Leong there too..
I read her paper and edited minorly.. and oh yeah.. saw Asia there as well.. it was a funny meeting.
accompanied ML to eat.. and we went to Orange... the cushion seats were so comfy.. sigh..
after that, we went to the library and I slept.. lol

went for class later and after fighting with my sleepiness, I surrendered and dozed off..
=) I kept waking up.. the fella was going faster and faster with his lecture slides.. hehe
and then...
came back.. and... stoning
gotta prepare my CB presentation for tomorrow as well as my CB case study.. bah..
should start soon..
otherwise i won't be sleeping again

oh.. i didn't see 'her' today.. she's been skipping a fair bit of classes.. i wonder if she's alright.. =) wonder doesn't mean i'll call.. =P
Saw Mindy too in the corridor someplace..
... i think that's it for today..

total sweetie.. such a ... warm smile.. =)
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