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i am a person who likes trouble.. direct them this way please.. gah - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-05 23:15
Subject: i am a person who likes trouble.. direct them this way please.. gah
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I am feelingmelancholymelancholy
it's been a difficult past few days for me..
I don't know the answers
and.. I feel helpless cos I can't help her.. but, I said that.. in the end, you should stay with the one you're with.. and rediscover what you've lost.. instead of me who's unsure of his own feelings..
it's for the best really.. I wouldn't want to be remembered as the person who screwed up people's lives for my selfish wants/needs.

maybe that's why i've been feeling melancholy the past few days
didn't even have appetite for dinner just now
"buddha jump over the wall"
RM160 per person.. I didn't eat
and all I had was a mushroom..

and the rest also.. i didn't tuck in with my usual gusto..
"from the frying pan into the fire"
jumping from a heartache to another.. all in 1 month..

anyway.. went to class today.. only 4 people were there when I got there.. then, since I actually read the damn case study, I could answer the question, he knew that I could so he deliberately asked someone else to answer.. for some reason, i was the only male student there today as well.. it was an amusing class.. =)
Oh.. tammie's phone was briefly confiscated cos it rang in class.. =)
had lunch at orange with ben and stella, ben misread and went to pink instead.
then.. CB lecture..
funny class
came back
2 hour nap
and.. the end

sad/boring day
.. haih
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