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blah - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-05-01 18:17
Subject: blah
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I am feelingdisappointeddisappointed
I didn't have the chance to update yesterday cos I was so tired..
so.. here goes..

day at work..
wasted 1 n half hours waiting for dad at the office, then had dinner with the folks.. Peranakan House. =)
and then went to see my granma who hit her head.. she's doing just fine.. sat with her for about 1hour and quite a lot more.. then only came back
emm.. was supposed to meet Sook Yee for some drinks before heading out yesterday.. but her dinner engagement took 4 hours.. by which I had already picked Wen Nie up (lives really near me) and was in the process of picking up Jamie and Eunice for a night out.. Went to Rum Jungle and opened a bottle... from the 5, we expanded into a group that had 11 in total.. I'll probably never see them again.. and I didn't catch their names either.. =)
Was doing some light drinking.. and.. attempting to loosen up.. somewhat, and there were no chairs so we were all kind of standing around a table... sigh
one of the guys was motioning to me.. and then he said,"eh, she's waiting for u." "she" was this.. hot.. probably late 20's female who was dancing prohibitively close.. she invaded my personal bubble! omigod! anyway, I called him crazy and.. just ignored her while nursing my drink.. =)
the girls were going nuts taking photos.. lol.. I wonder if i can pinch some off them and put them over at my blogspot place.
They were also a little sleepy/tired so we left after nearly 2 hours.. and went for good supper.. Beef noodle!!! woo =D had a large one then came back and slept.. *ahhh*
There was something about Ah May and her friendly friend.. but I CBFed.. =)

This morning, my alarm rang and I woke up.. wondering whether or not to call those 2.. I was supposed to go shopping.. well not GO shopping but bring them there.
Ivana called, told me Sherly didn't want to go.. I called Sherly and told her to get dressed.. =)
picked them up and went to hartamas. 2 of Ivana's friend joined us. *edit*Vera and Dianny =) names are always hazardous..
one's shorter, the other's taller..
and then..
yeah went to hartamas, had lunch at TamNakThai.. don't bother going there.. I couldn't find any saving grace.. it was just poor.. and expensive
Curry, Tom yum, cold coconut milk do not work very well.. =) I had to visit the toilet..
went to Cat's Whiskers after that and the girls did their shopping.. and i sat there.. looking at people and reading magazines. Patrick came after a while and accompanied me in my thankless task.

I'm gonna join Pat one of these days on his culinary adventures.. yumm....
anyway, he proposed coffee but Ferra had to go back.. so parted ways and I proceeded to drop all concerned home..
"My Place" apartments was one of the stop and there was a dog involved as well.. girls played with it.. then left.. and next stop was the KTM station.. and then.. made a brief detour at the Pasar Malam then dropped them home and came back.

There was this kancil packed with people.. and they were doing head-banging in the car.. pretty funny.
I'm watching Divergence tonight with Jamie and Yew Wen.. Alicia ffk, Eunice isn't feeling too well..
so it's just the 3 of us.. will have big cat after that maybe =)
a wee bit disappointed i think... *shrug*
that's it for now

To Jamie,
"Mandy was born on April 10th 1984 in Nashua, New Hampshire. However, her family soon moved to Orlando, Florida where she currently resides."

I win.
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