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teeheehee!! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-30 02:23
Subject: teeheehee!!
Security: Public
I am feelingcheerfulcheerful
I shall not be censored!! =D

Thursday, I was late for my class so I didn't end up going.. I had lunch with IM members.. and saw this cute indon girl.. don't think i've been introduced yet..
went for CB class after that, then was hopping around like a mad person.. cos I was sitting a bit far away from the rest of the people..
After class, I had a drink with Wei Ing and we talked a bit.. tres cool.. =)
she's a cool person and fairly intelligent too.. fun to talk to

came back and then waited for YCheng to come get me for dinner.. I was sooo hungry by the time she came, we went to the nearby place at Alisan for dinner.. good food, comfortable company.. too much food.. hahaha

then came back .. oh my dad got back already.. and he didn't bring the keys, so he was waiting for me as I got back..
then I started on my assignment.

I was warned not to include stuff in here.. lol
wonder why =)
So.. i only had.. 3 hours of sleep.. and the rest of the time, I was doing my assignment. I was in the comp lab today till 4 finishing it up with my friends and some acquaintances.. it's interesting how people can talk to absolute strangers if the need is great enough, as though, making new friends wasn't such a big deal. After a while, I ended up sitting opposite Cindy and it was.. amusing to see how the guys flocked to her side while she was doing her assignment.. I counted.. 6-7 .. and I don't know why I counted.. =)
anyway.. it was crazy (the assignment).. I was sooo hungry as i didn't get lunch.. so i went for a sandwich in the cafeteria.. Sherly and Jeny were still there filling out some silly forms about music.

Aishath was still up at 6 am.. and she was helpful.. as was Yeok Cheng as she pointed out the things that I could put in.. or should put in..
I think I was bugging Ashley a little too much today.. as I attempted to finish everything.. hehe
Jacky was also one of the most sought after individual today...

went for IM class.. kept falling asleep.. so tired..
Jeny and Sherly were exchanging notes.. and when I wanted to see (curiousity), Jeny snatched it.. and after a fashion started tearing it up.. lol
I wonder what could elicit that sort of reaction..

after that, went with the group to look for Dr. Nelson and had a short chat with him
I picked my car up from the car wash and then went to pyramid... for eventually 1 + 1/2 hours.. sigh.. I was really hungry so I had a coney dog.. then a free root beer with a 50 cents top up of ice cream.. cheap!
hahaha =) filled up my stomach.. walked around a bit, and then went back to wait.. There was this caucasian guy who's getting a manicure.. near the end, Ah May was fanning his hands so that they could dry quicker.. she got a $2 tip for that.. lol
oh yeah.. Ah May was being her usual self.. really amusing.. she is rather cute in that sort of.. coquettish type thing..
I'm attempting to use big words so that people will think that it's praises and won't bang me for it

*oo note*
girls with.. low cut tops should not lean/bend over without covering openings.. it gives guys heart attacks..

and then..
we had dinner together with their family.. Eunice, Jamie, their mom (birthday lady), aunt, uncle and last but not least.. the 2 little kids.. oh.. not forgetting Alicia... (do u think i put your name deliberately at the end?? ) =P
who cares?!?!?

food was passable.. Oh ... there's this drifting thing that happens at Extreme Park .. all manner of vehicles were just.. drifting and drifting.. lots of noise and smoke.. =)
after food, went to Jamie's for mahjong.. man was I unlucky.. I lost pretty much all that I won the other day and then some.. =) and it was only after Alicia came back from her drinking session that I recouped some losses.. =) I told her to play in my stead and first 4 rounds.. she won 3, 2 of which were full.. man.. I was there for 2 hours and I didn't get a single full win.. bleagh
my lucky star.. =) this reminds me, whenever Cindy sat next to me, played for me.. she'd invariably lose me money.. "black star"
fated.. =D therefore.. alicia = lucky star, cindy = black star.. man.. i'm still bitching.. =)

so.. called it a night and came back..
it was .. funny watching Alicia play mahjong, she was a little clumsy with the tiles.. which in the end was kinda cute in a klutzy kind of way.. hahaha

There was a brief moment during dinner where I was going to go up to Ipoh on Sunday.. which was then called off.. lol =)
we'll see when that happens..
anyway... brief one today..

"lonely, i am so lonely, i have nobody, to call my own..."
*wink* peace people
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