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lalala =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-28 02:10
Subject: lalala =)
Security: Public
I am feelinghighhigh
work work work work..
quiet quiet quiet quiet..

there was some issues with the microsoft excel.. something about MSO.dll
any help with that is much appreciated.. basically.. can't run excel normally.. sigh
troubleshooting.. didn't manage to fix it.. thought i nailed it
but after putting all the fixes in... office patches, damn thing stopped again

then.. came back for a good dinner
went for futsal
bloody 4 people only.. shit
in the end there were 6
enough for a 3v3
i scored a few goals.. i was on fire today.. lol
I felt really alert and I was doing interceptions, spotting the passes.. being all round goodness.. lol
i don't know why.. and while I was warming up.. I was hitting the ball really well.. enjoyed it immensely today

came back.. then hopped online for a bit..
talked to sharon, yeok cheng, .. oo.. had late supper with yeok cheng.. hahah it was fun =) and met ai lin and ermm.. mei keng.. i think
they were there at the usual spot.
came back after that..
and I just found out that Jamie's reading my journal.. omigod!!! hahaha
she's gonna strangle me I think the next time she sees me.. lol
die die die..

I made a promise of japanese food as a prize for getting good results.. I want it to go both ways.. if she does poorly, I get to keep my money,
on the other hand, if she does well.. I get to have dinner with her.. hahaha and she gets good grades of cos..
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