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moving on... =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-19 03:55
Subject: moving on... =)
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I am feelingindescribableindescribable
it's been.. a while since I've taken so long to post.. =)
a whole 24 hours without posting.. it's a miracle.. and miracles DO happen.. =)

Sunday, stayed home.. went out for lunch with Kelvin Tan, went to a few fish shops after that.. and then came back.
Dinner only started at .. about 9.. picked up Yew Wen then went to get Jamie then we sat down together at.. Dikayu at Taipan.. I had nasi *edit* NASI KANDAR */edit* .. shit.. don't remember what u call that.. lol

Oh yeah.. I was talking to Sharon in the afternoon, and she's still.. unable to let go.
She called me when I was at Dikayu, and I talked to her for like.. 40 minutes or so..
so sad.. she's all alone there. I told her, help me find a job there and I try out life there =D

and we talked about the evil person.. well i call him the evil person.. and i also said that.. he chose that road, why worry for him if he's not gonna listen to you... words I would do well to live by..
Then I sent them home, came back and worked on my presentation thing..
was up until 4.. then went to bed.

got up.. a little late, went into college, had a brief meeting with the guys for CB presentation.. then went for tute, i was so.. stoned from lack of sleep ugh..
After class, I had to go for CB.. and we did our presentation then.
We got the best marks.. woot =)
4.583 / 5
I had to go for Investment group meeting with Jacky, Aishath and Cindy.. Did get my thoughts across.. wasn't too.. comfortable sitting next to her?

and then.. we went to pyramid for lunch.. ate at Kim Gary. Silly Jamie forgot her purse.. I didn't notice until Ken went to the backseat and showed it to me..
so.. after lunch, dropped it off at the booth.. and there she was.. a slice of heaven.. Winnie is her name.. as I just found out... anyway.. i was very dazed from my lack of sleep so I didn't really notice her.. or rather, she didn't register in my thoughts. I joked and laughed and handed the thing over.. then after walking away.. I turned to Ben and asked..
'she's hot isn't she?'
and he was like.. yup..
Ken was in full agreement as well
heh.. anyway
Jamie called me to scold me.. cos I left so quickly that she didn't have a chance to introduce.
I moseyed around in the college cos it wasn't class yet..
Saw Wei Ing and accompanied her for a while..
then she left.. and I left to find other company.. there was none to be found.. i think.. oh wait I found Joanna Tong and went with her to the photocopy place.. and made small talk.

and then..
went for Investments lecture.. After the lecture, I went with Jacky and Cindy to leave the campus..
Jacky had to be the smart ass to suggest that I fetch Cindy home cos his car was far away and he would pass her the reader when he passed by that place.. bleagh..
it was a little awkward... She looked for some of her things.. I forgot that she had a coin purse in the glove compartment.
then.. I msged Yeok Cheng to tell her I'll be there at 6.45
msged Yew Wen about something
then msged Jamie saying I'll be there around 7.30
Jamie called back.. and we chatted some...
but.. anyway, sent her home and I left like a bad out of hell.. lol
endured frustrating jams to get to Yeok Cheng's place
and helped her with her computer.. and we went to pyramid for dinner.
ate at lemon grass. quality is nothing to shout about but it's passable.. and something different.
By then, we had already dropped the computer off and got a promise to get a quote by tomorrow.
Over dinner, we talk of.. common friends, my sad story.. =), her.. life story..
etc.. Su Yin is agreeable to meeting me nowadays..
it has after all been 6 years.. =)


dropped YC back after that and went to meet Jamie, Eunice, May and Milton for.. some alleged drinks
We left Atrium and went to Kim Gary as May and Milton wanted to eat dinner.
we were there for a short while.. made fun of May. apparently she's my age.. *shrug*

then since no one was in the mood, called it a night and went to meet YW at Alisan and we played DOTA
just got home a while ago..

good day today
oh.. tentatively made plans with Alicia to watch Be Cool sometime this week..
we'll see how that goes, I'm supposed to meet Nurul tomorrow too..
.. =)
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User: ulwen
Date: 2005-04-19 10:55 (UTC)
Subject: Odd food.
Nasi shit... I can't begin to tell you how happy I am you didn't try to get me to eat that.

A slice of heaven... well well seems like loverboy is getting back on track.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-04-19 17:35 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Odd food.
I forgot the name man =P
it's real good
spicy.. but real good
emm.. slice of heaven is for viewing pleasure..
I few her as the type where i.. can get fed up with the regular maintenance .. regular and high.. =)

so.. yeah.. there's always.. the blushing girl.. =D
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-04-20 05:03 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Odd food.
i meant to say
i VIEW her.. not FEW her..
bad english bad..
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