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=D a week's passed - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-17 11:52
Subject: =D a week's passed
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I am feelingcontemplativecontemplative
wow.. it's sunday already
been a really.. long and crazy week..
i've seen numerous movies..
gone out nearly every single day..
it's just insane

i'm happier in bits and pieces.. part of me still wishes that things didn't turn out this way... but i guess it's not to be.
but.. it's the past... and i must let go..=)

yesterday, after my nap, i was moseying around before showering/changing to meet ben and stella for dinner at laksa shack.. it's nice good and everything but the portions are really tinny.. really really tinny...
I brought my camera out.. and ben was like cooing over it.. lol

Yew wen was playing the part of good friend so he didn't end up watching the movie with us. Movie in question was
"The pacifier"

People who came along to watch were, Ben, the lovely Stella, tiny Tammie and her 2 cousins.. Kelvin I think and.. *crosses eyes trying to remember* hm..
and the 3 indon girls.. Jeny, Sherly and Ivana.. the latter 2 being my group members.

so 9 people in all watching the movie
=) hehe.. Yew Wen commented that the ticket collection counter found it weird that the ticket bookings were arranged in such a manner.. lol. I had booked 6 first in 2 rows. of 3 each.. then i took an L shape 6 tickets which was in front of the 3 and extended around .. so it made it 3 rows of 4.. =)
I don't think anyone can picture it.. heh

so.. we watched the movie..
and the verdict..
good flick.. well worth the RM10 admission price. best bits was when.. the 3rd child asked Vin Diesel.. why his 'boobs' were so big.. =)

after the movie, we went to look for Yew Wen and Michelle.. and then instead of sitting down at Coffeebean, the girls wanted to go someplace different.. cos sunway is all they know.. hehe
so.. went to Naili's, but before that we had Michelle drop her car off, and all 6 of us squeezed into a car.. not the most comfortable ride for the 4 girls behind.. but.. =)
it's like I don't go there much anymore.. and I only go there to bring.. visitors..
but.. the last time I went there was with Cindy.. we sat up front.. =) *shrug*
she left.. i'm still here... gotta move on..

I was talking to Sharon while making this post.. I used something from my past to highlight that.. i don't know.. we shouldn't let our pain bring us down like this..
I teared.. I thought I was past that.. but I guess.. the pain runs deep.. "when you do things like that, you make me love you more" said.. 2 months ago..
2 months is such a long time in our brief history together.. =)

back on track..
so.. we were there..
apparently the green bean thing is quite nice though a bit sweet *Sherly's verdict*
the black glutinous was nice as well *Jeny's verdict*
Ivana had the ABC which.. she didn't exactly finish.. but she can finish if it's during lunch.. lol
Yew Wen had the ABC and Michelle had some... funky fruit drink
small talk.. silliness from me mainly..
Jeny was.. soaking in the atmosphere apparently.. =) kept real quiet.. I think I should lay off her for a while.. after she gets really afraid of me.. =)
all 3 had different perfumes.. when they first got in the car.. it was quite overpowering.. =)
one clinique, one burberry.. forgot to ask the other one who was late..

I got home at about 3+
was so tired that I didn't even take my contacts out.. just took off my clothes and fell into bed...
got up again at 10+ today
7 hours of sleep.. can't i get more!! ugh..
yesterday = mainly good day
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