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good good day - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-16 04:59
Subject: good good day
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I am feelingrejuvenatedrejuvenated
man.. what a long day
I don't know where to start..
i mean i do
but my mind is so.. tired that I can't construct sentences
oh wait.. i can...

brief one then

finished editing at 4+ and then went into print the assignment.
handed it up
apparently, while i was waiting in the cafeteria for the girls, i mean.. when jeny saw me, she stopped talking and said something like "oh shit"
anyway.. i'm really tired
will continue tomorrow..

emm.. so went into class.. and then listened to him..
handed up the assignment and then we went for dinner (IM group + 1)
we had indon food.. I thought it was the type where we order dishes.. but instead it's a bit more like a hawker food type.. =|
food was.. fair i suppose.. could have been better.. company was good.. I teased jeny again.. and she blushed again.. lol =) it's funny.. i swear!
oh.. kong and gf was eating there too..
dropped them home and then.. I went to pick Alicia, Jamie, and Yew Wen in that order.. took me 1 hour 15 minutes.. sigh..
we couldn't make the 9pm show so we ended up watching the 11.50 show
during the intervening hours, we went to Kim Gary and sat there for drinks.. for like 2 hours + while waiting for the movie.
Ben and Stella were there too.. so SG#1, SG#2, SG#8 present and accounted for
I think it went pretty well.. as far as crowds mingling
there was laughter, chats running around.. only alicia was abit quiet.. her dad called.. haha I think we got her into trouble for watching the midnight show.. =P

company was good
movie was good
coach carter.. = 2 thumbs up
I won't review it.. =P i mean.. I just did but minus the nitty gritty.
came back.. and ermm.. was online for a while.. talked to wiri and sharon
tried to post.. but didn't seem like i had enough time and i was really tired.. so..

this morning, couldn't wake up for work.. man.. i suck =D
i'm basicalyl penniless and hungry

side note..
proposal i made.. was resoundingly rejected.. but it was the manner of rejection which i found satisfying.. cos I feel that, anger reveals the truth more often than not..
but yeah.. she despises me now..
but.. it's all good..
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