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long long story - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-05 16:36
Subject: long long story
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Wednesday. To be honest.. I can't really remember what I did.. *lol* that's how bad my memory is.. oh yeah I packed and then had lunch with Vincent. Then went home and had a nap and packed somemore. At night I went out for dinner with Uncle Soo and family at Golden Harvest Restaurant I think.. After that, they came by to pick some stuff up for me to bring back to malaysia for me. I packed up my comp as well then and so right now i'm typing this from Eric's comp.
Then there was the day I was supposed to leave. Thursday. As I was finishing up the packing... I realised I haven't seen my ticket since the day before that. After about an hour of searching every possible place, I realised I might have just packed it along with the other stuff OR threw it out with the rubbish.. So basically I had to go get my ticket reissued. It was quite a long day for me. I packed a bit in the morning. Called Optus, called Dingoblue, called the real estate agent. Then try to find a place to get my VCR fixed. The optus call.. after waiting for about 10 minutes and talking to a guy for a while, I got cut off!!! I called back but after the listening to the jingle for about another 2-3 minutes, got fed up and put the phone down. I called Wee Sern up and met him for lunch. Went to the SIA office and there's apparently a lot of procedure involved in reissuing a new ticket. So I CAN'T leave melbourne JUST yet.. but there was still hope up until 5 pm that day that I could get the ticket reissued provided all the necessary documentation came through. There was only one thing left at 5pm... which was the copy of the said missing ticket. As usual, Malaysians ain't efficient.. =P I got Eric to buy the groceries for me cos I was cooking dinner that night. I started cooking only at about 6 pm when I told everyone to come at 6.30.. hehe. Anyway I was rushing a little and a few ingredients were missing so .. lol =) eric helped out with the food preparation. There was green curry chicken, roasted spare ribs, some deep-fried mushroom thingie, black-bean beef, and sambal ikan bilis. Daphne helped with the preparation and a bit of the cooking.. The over-all verdict was not too bad.. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a compliment or not. Sharon says it's not bad for a guy.. =P don't like her.. lol.
While I was cooking and stuff, ppl were arriving. Joo Bee arrived first, then Vince, then Michele and Audrey. Next was Shan and Daph, Maggie, then Sharon then my cousin james. So there was a whole bunch of hungry people with no food to eat.. I must admit I was getting a little harried and kinda tired at that point. Cooking that much food isn't easy and starting late is a no-no but it wasn't really my fault.. or maybe it was.. hehe shouldn't leave things until so late. I missed out the going to uni to get my fees refunded and buying the adapters and also dropping the card off for Wen Min. Those were the other things I did before I came home to cook and pack and .. you get the general picture. I took some photos which I hope to process as soon as possible.. =) It'll be posted at my website at http://soojc.cjb.net
After that pretty much just sat around with everyone agitating to leave. That's when I forced them to sit through the photo taking session. The new housemate, Jocelyn, is in it as well. We were gonna watch Queen of the Damned but everyone was busy, tired, not interested so didn't end up watching in the end. Sent the stuff for my cousin back to Burwood. It's actually not that hard to get there.
came back and me and eric talked while he played civilisation.. It was still early and I was pretty bored.. =)
Finally went to sleep at about 3 am.

Woke up at 9.30 today... bloody hell. Someone came and buzzed the apartment. Turned out to be something for eric.. gah. Upon waking, I called SIA and asked them about it and what do you know, they have everything already and it was good to go. After that I went back to sleep cos I was still pretty tired. woke up at 12 something and got ready.. but had to wait for about 40 minutes or so for Jocelyn to get out of the shower....... girls.... We went to Bennetts First National and met Hedley, the guy in the know, and well there's actually a penalty for breaking the lease.. so I'm gonna get screwed by my parents for losing more money to that type of negligence again.. =(

I got my ticket and oh I gave my drink to this old lady.. I'm not sure if i'm supposed to feel proud of myself.. lol =) The trams on Swanston wasn't working properly either and so I had to walk back part of the way until I caught the one to Moreland.
Now I've to go return the scales to Sook Yee who's been calling me about every 7-8 hours since yesterday to remind me to return it.. it's like she's afraid I'll run off with it. This will probably be my last post in Melbourne. See ya from Malaysia then! =)
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