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down but not out.. not by a long shot.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-09 18:53
Subject: down but not out.. not by a long shot..
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I am feelingcalmcalm
Listening toJoy Enriquez - How Can I Not Love You
today I went for class..
I posted a few times while I was in uni..
I was despondent and .. bugged aishath and to a lesser extent, eka..

I left to go to Pyramid and I broke down when I heard the song by Joy Enriquez from the movie 'Anna and the King'
lovely song..
about people who are forced apart.. well.. not quite in this case.. but.. close enough.. My heart was breaking, my voice was cracking..
what a mess =)

I caught the movie House of Fury with Jamie.. This was a movie that I had looked forward to watching with Cindy but she decided to watch it with someone else instead...
In between the laughs, I found myself sad that I wasn't watching it with her.. and enjoying this thoroughly enjoyable movie together.. before the movie.. I was talking to Ben and he adviced me to eat some ice-cream.. that would cheer me up.. He asked me how I was then and it took me pretty much every ounce of control I had, not to bawl in public.
After the movie, I went in front of Baskin Robbins and realised I didn't or rather I wasn't in the mood to eat ice-cream..

Me, Jamie and Eunice (her sister) went for lunch at Kim Gary.. and it was an enjoyable afternoon.. I found myself laughing.. the topic moved briefly to the source of my unhappiness.. and they declared that they will find me a replacement.. lol =)
We went bowling after that and I could.. steer my thoughts away from Cindy for a while.. cos I enjoy bowling and I realised that I didn't do a lot of the things that I enjoyed because she didn't enjoy them like i did.. so i gave them up..
When I was about to send them home.. I couldn't find my car keys.. a moment of panic ensued.. They went to the bowling alley, I went to the cinema.. found it there..
the ladies decided that it was fated that I lost and recovered the keys and declared that they were gonna buy 4D, since my car only had 3 numbers in the license plate, I added 5 for the 5 pm that it was found and an alternative was 3 for the 3 people in the group..
we'll see if I win anything.. hehe

My emotions are still in turmoil but.. I have some company .. I just got back not too long ago.. and I'll be going out again soon with Ben and Stella for dinner and drinks after that. They're my support group.. lol.. I'm such a weakling sometimes.. but it's good to have friends..
I already have my lunch group for tomorrow..
so.. I think it should go alright for the next few days..
I should be throwing myself at the work soon otherwise i'd be overwhelmed by it all..

yeah.. it ain't so bad..
one for support
one for introducing me to girls.. lol
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