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update time! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-04-09 01:06
Subject: update time!
Security: Public
I am feelingcynicalcynical
today.. I had a lecture with Cindy..
which meant that
we were in the same lecture hall

i didn't sit with her..
i just pretended i didn't see her
and i am guessing that she pretended likewise
after lecture, we said hi and had lunch together in the group

a trifle odd.. the entire thing.. I've been bringing people up to speed.. I don't want them to go.. oh.. where's your girlfriend?
"you mean the one that just dumped me"
oo.. bitterness I sense..

YODA in da house!

I gave her most of her things..
now i have to hunt for her little shit things and bring her notes back for her..
i don't want to bother
she wants..
she takes herself

i had 3 hours of.. doing nothing while waiting for the next class..
I was in the comp lab..
talking to people..
tammie, wei ing, emm...
not sure.. lol.. there were quite a big of people.. ooo oo there was also the hot ipoh girl.. don't remember her name.. but she's fine.. yum...
and there was another chick that i saw that merits a mention.. heh..
I may have been dumped but there's no need to wallow..
there's beauty all around, might as well appreciate it =)

had a drink with Jacky.. and talked about.. things... and what I could do with my now.. much freed up resources.. =) gfs are a drain.... no matter what
HY once said to me, spend less time going out with gf, and you'll find yourself with a whole lot more time to do things..
I'll have ample opportunity to test that hypothesis.

anyway.. class.. came.. and went... I went to meet Jamie to go see the fortune teller guy..
it was quite.. entertaining if nothing else..
most of it was good..
except that due to my trusting nature, I will be betrayed.. so it's best that I take precautions..
emm.. money won't stay with me.. it'll go as easily as it will come so someone will need to be a financial controller..
most of the time, the money will go because of reasons outside of my control..
Relationships are.. secondary.. they will come unbidden.. just as it always has.. when least expected.
and if i ain't careful.. things may get out of hand.. I'll end up a casanova.. THE HORROR!!!!
cos.. i'm easy to love and a romantic.. and people are comfortable around me.. and I get people.. and the things that make them tick..

I have to be wary of that as I have limited attention points to go around..
If i use too many in relationships, my career and money will go down the drain..
hence.. I need to focus on my career.. and then.. what will come will come in due course..
Oh.. one other thing was that it is not in ME to go beyond a bachelor's degree.. etc.. =)
some of it may be common sense i guess.. =)
but there were some things that shouldn't be readily apparent from my mannerism/features..
so.. it remains to be seen.. what's to be believed..

I sent Jamie and the fortune teller home..
Master Cheong was his name.. he's apparently of quite some renown.. I had dinner with him as well.. cos i hadn't eaten up until then..
we had dimsum.. wasn't too bad though it isn't quite my thing

anyway.. came back..
funnily.. or maybe not funnily
'she' is out again..
time of her life..

and i'm at home.. ooo.. i'm a bitter old man now.. watch out.. hehe

love ain't supposed to be like this.. =)
but it is..
oh well...
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