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before the trip - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-03-29 20:18
Subject: before the trip
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I think i went to a stationery shop on the 17th.. bought books cheaply.. and a host of other things.. also had dinner there at the Italian restaurant. Drinks at starbucks.. we went to look for her sunglasses.. frustrating.. =D
we also went into the Apple Experience Centre/Store.. the stuff there is COOL.. not exactly cheap but.. COOL! =D
then.. went to the pet shop.. and etc..

friday (18th)
so I went for my cousin's thingamabob at 'Hong La Qiao' literally translated red chilli.. it's specialises in Steamboat.. very very spicy steamboat.. also known as numbingly spicy steamboat.. =D
anyway.. I mentioned it before I believe.. so it was a table of 11.. I was the earliest.. the waitress got on my nerves.. all 3 of them..
and I got a summons for parking illegally.. more on that later..
food was good.. went home.. slept

Saturday night we went to Hello Cafe at the Curve to listen to some music and stuff... decent singing on offer.. but nothing much else. Staff were eager to please though.. esp the boss?

Sunday had lunch with KT and Cindy at ONS.. bought fishy stuff.. Black neon tetras, CO2, I think that's all that I bought, KT bought fishes as well.. then we went to Sim Boy's house.. that name is actually a misnomer as he's like 30+ - 40.. but he has this big-ass 6 foot tank.. lovely.. =D
Cindy was ooo-ing away.. lol
came back after that.

the past week was mostly a blank.. oh there were some incidents involving drama/anger/talks with variuos members of the family and also the planned Cameron's trip.. with Ben it was first a probable yes, then a yes, then a no.. =) oh.. we had lunch on Monday at Bangsar Village in a place called Chatterbox.. good food.. yum.. =)

I also cannot remember.. lol =)
I think most of it was good.. probably.. =)
anyway.. next post is about the trip.. !
there was a yumcha with KT which culminated in a dinner with Cindy and housemates to see if KT could be hooked up with Jess.. =) didn't work.
then Saturday night , went to Selayang to have dinner. Mindy's birthday dinner =D which makes her 17 years old.. ooo =)
we had good food there.. and cheap too.. =D
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