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Got back at 7+ today.. my god I was quite tired. We went for some… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-04-01 22:46
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Got back at 7+ today.. my god I was quite tired. We went for some early breakfast after the movie marathon. I watched programme D with Sorority boys, Kate & leopold and Corky romano. The 2 slapsticks were pretty funny.. =) I was kinda trying to doze at kate & leopold because I was kinda sleepy at that point and i've seen it before. Anyway came back and slept and I forgot to switch my phone back to normal mode. Had 3 bloody missed calls.. one was from angie. And also a msg from her. It said yumcha at 11.30 am. I woke up at 12.40 pm by MY clock and I was like shit.. oops.. and i called her to apologise then she asked if i was coming and i was like huh? I said I thought they'd already finished but she said they just got there!!! I had forgot to change my clocks. Lol.. So I rushed out and well I was still late and was pretty "pai seh" means embarassed in hokkien =) Angie's mom left after a bit telling me it's okay just take your time and eat.. heh I was still rather embarassed so didn't really eat much. Made a new.. acquaintance today. His name is Vincent. Angie's mom's friend's son .. lol =) He was a nice enough fella. And apparently I know his gf too.. Fiona.. =) Let's see what else.. Sharon was there too.. HI SHARON hehe =)
We talked and then we adjourned to Daimaru to meet their parents. and walked around a bit. Me and Vince wandered off and we chit-chatted. And I bought Angie and OJA presents for their bday. Already gave Angie hers.. I wonder if she liked it =) Came back and I slept. I am SO TIRED... but I still am.. hehe I had a nap for 2-3 hours.. Had a big fat steak at Mark's place with Joo Bee and then I sent her home to Boxhill. So far I think I'm pretty much booked solid for the rest of my days here.. is that a good thing or a bad I wonder.. I think I'll be meeting Jing Jing at the end of the week for something.. lol =) Feeling kinda restless right now.. don't wanna post
*runs away*
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