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great days (oops drafted but not posted. dated 14th or 17th March) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-03-29 19:36
Subject: great days (oops drafted but not posted. dated 14th or 17th March)
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I am feelingcheerfulcheerful
Listening to*drone of the computer in d minor
I neglected mentioning in my previous post that alicia was kinda sweet looking.. =) friendly.. single i believe..
=D *note* this is NOT a matchmaking place.

I saw this show..
5 children and it..
something like that
utterly forgetable
don't bother

and i saw
t'was humourous
good value for money

I also got my modem/router back instead of using the replacement =D it's smooth running from here on
and then
oh yeah, we went to the OUG night market on thursday.. Cindy ate there.. and we ate behind the stalls at the sidewalk.. lol. Kong was walking by and actually spotted us.. we're tall-ish me and cindy.. =D
clicking with ppl and stuff.. still not too many friends.. oh people why do u shun me?!?!
but today's not the day for that kind of thoughts
happy thoughts! =)
Spygirl (korean) is funny.. and totally worth the RM6+ that i paid for the DVD.. hahaha
so is my sassy girl.. very good/touching/funny korean movie.. pretty old this one. The girl in my sassy girl is cute and utterly violent.. she keeps beating that poor guy up.. but I guess since she's pretty, she gets to do what she wants (shallow) heh
again RM 6+
long live piracy!! oo.. how irresponsible is that statement.. RIAA is gonna come after me now.. hahahaha

Gonna be another 2 more birthdays this month
Friday is my previously mentioned cousin.. him and his wife were born in the same month.. how.. cute =)
emm.. that's it?
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