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The tale of the silly swede - Olle - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-01-20 00:47
Subject: The tale of the silly swede - Olle
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I am feelingmusing
Olle's trip

He arrived on the 17th morning
but I only arrived in the evening.. rather late in the evening in fact..

Cindy took him about, they were really early so they were waiting outside megamall for it to open.. tehehehe
they did a bit of shopping there.. and ate good malaysian food.. *right olle?*

then i got home from the airport.. picked them both up from her place..
can't quite remember what happened then
i think they were tired.. so called it a night?

Next day
I chose not to work to take the silly swede around..
it's been too damn long.. can't remember where I took him.. *edit* It just came to me.. Gohtong! hahaha.. he had froggies for lunch.. and it was good! then went up for a while.. walked around.. and waited for the female to get some shopping done..
That night though, I think I brought him to some clubs.. courtesy of Michele and Kelvin Tan's friend
It was .. an eye-opener.. I haven't been to a club the entire time the entire year.. =) That i could recall.. and all the names that Michele was mentioning were all alien to me. Passion, Thai Club? Cabanaca? anyway.. I felt rather ill at ease there.. felt very out of place.. etc.. Kelvin Tan, me, Olle and Cindy.. We walked over to someplace after that to meet Cindy's friend whom she had previously made an appointment with.. which she didn't inform me about.. I was rather annoyed.. she wanted to stay, or rather I asked if she'd rather stay and she did and so I went off with the other 2 chaps to where Kelvin Tan's friend was.. Velvet Underground.. sounds kinky doesn't it.. =)
Open bottles galore.. there were like 9.. crazy people.. I met Jason on the outside as well.. also known as DJ Fono, it was he who sprung me the guest list on New Year's Eve.
I had quite a fair bit to drink that night... comparatively.. so.. it was all good..

Sunday morning.. breakfast (dimsum) with parents.. afternoon I went to see my cousin to see how she's doing.. her mother (an aunt of mine) passed away on the 17th and yeah.. quite shocking.. she had a stroke and then passed away after an unsuccessful operation all in the space of a week.. and she always had a kind word and many words to say to me.. she was a cool aunt.. I'm a little sad that I couldn't be at her funeral to pay my respects.. but I gave her 3 deep bows at her shrine and sent happy thoughts.. I hoped she got them...

Dinner was .. I haven't got the slightest clue..
We went to Hartamas area for a drink with KT and Olle and Cindy
10 bottles.. 3 guys.. swede had 5
I had 2
KT had 3
and lots of finger food

chatted.. chilled basically..
Monday, bah.. this is getting annoying.. went to KLCC I think.. took some pictures, he bought some 'cheap' stuff.. cheap to him anyway.. very expensive to me.. =P
I also tried on the G2000 suit that we were supposed to be getting but.. the largest was still rather short on me.. bah
so anyway.. showed him the Petronas Twin Towers.. oh.. many chicky things there.. we had an incident with the credit card swipe thing too.. silly swedish cards..
=D *swede bashing time*
In between, we visited the Thean Hou temple.. and did tourist-y stuff

then night time.. beats the hell out of me what I did then =)
Tuesday.. I had class.. He didn't wanna come.. naturally.. so I gave Michele a call and made her play babysitter..
he had fun.. Roller coaster.. lol
this was how he described it.. I hope I'm not feeding any egos though
"Rollercoaster fun with a chicky with short skirt and all those silly malaysian guys ogling and going green with envy.. probably with the thought, damn caucasian stealing all our chicks"
He had fun.. basically =)
That night, the female was tired.. that was the day I saw her last before our *ex*breakup
I had drinks with Jacky, Kelvin Tan, Olle at Murni.. it was a toss up between beer and chicks.. alleged chicks anyway..
chicks won the toss.. and it was disappointing.. none to be seen..

Wednesday, he was sick so I was mothering him.. and also wondering where the hell Cindy was..
couldn't find her at all the entire day.. was very pissed off and then heard the whole bunch of lies.. and shit.. oh wait.. this isn't about Cindy.. or me.. it's about the silly swede's trip.. =)
err.. he was still sickly.. but not as bad as earlier.. so I went to play some futsal "some friend I am" lol and then went back after that..

Thursday morning.. it was time for him to go.. I got up to wish him safe journey and yada.. then fell back asleep.. it was 6 am.. or something like that.. I claim that as defence.. but.. he went to the airport.. better but apparently
after he arrived.. he went back to being sick..

he doesn't travel too well =)
silly swede

-the end-
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User: ulwen
Date: 2005-01-24 02:23 (UTC)
Subject: GAH
don't quote me and exaggerate damnit! ;)
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