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continued from http://www.livejournal.com/users/dcsjin/179514.html - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-01-14 02:25
Subject: continued from http://www.livejournal.com/users/dcsjin/179514.html
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I realised I said to be continued.. and i forgot to continue..

well.. I arrived on the 12th of Dec
then after the late supper.. went to bed

Maggie came to the hotel to bring us around.. she's really sweet that girl.. (michele, you remmeber maggie right? the hongkie in our chinese class)
anyhow.. she took us across to causeway bay? and had good lunch there.. shanghainese food then we went to.. pacific place i think
I remember being there in 1998
*enter cheesy music of harps*

We went for 2 weeks.. left on the 13th of Dec i think.. or something like that 13th Dec 1998 =)
8 of us went to Hongkong and stayed at half-way up the peak.. with Keegan... I actually can't remember too clearly who actually went.. but I know fong chien, chia minn, hsiang yang, roger, wei bin?, jeffrey maybe.. chye jin
i think that's the whole list..

3 of them spent too much and went home early
the rest of us.. spent a fair bit of time at home with the playstation that we bought for keegan in appreciation of letting us stay at his house for free for 2 friggin weeks
there was also hardy's 2, this pub that we frequented..
many more silly tales abound.. and i'm a lazy person.. so =)
oh.. and we took turns falling sick too.. that's where i learnt of the home-remedy involving hot-warm water + honey + lemon.. it works i swear.. for coughs/colds/sore throats
we also ate loads of delish foods
.. spent christmas there too.. there were so many people out celebrating that they made the pedestrian traffic go in one single direction only.. how.. insane is that.. if u missed the place that you were going to, you'll have to walk around to get back to it.. sheesh

anyway.. back to story
maggie took us to pacific place.. i bought a few things.. mom bought a lot of things.. sis bought some things.. =)
after that.... walked around somemore.. had dinner too.. oh i sat on the HK tram.. double decker.. it was so damn packed.. that we had to like swim through the crowd to get to the exit of the tram to get off.. lol
errm.. after that went back to the hotel and had more supper.. yay

next day, i went with my mom and sis around the kowloon side.. tsim tsu tsui and etc... oh and i met Cindy's dad in the morning when he passed some things to me.. =) I was supposed to have lunch with her mom too but there was a breakdown in communication there.. anyway.. went to kowloon area heading towards mongkok..
bought some shit.. not much though.. but basically walked a lot
then went back, had some rest then met up with Mr Kong.. our HK trading partner.. and had dinner with them.. food overall was good but the roasted pigeon sucked.
next morning we had breakfast (dimsum) at that same restaurant.. and then we went back to the hotel to get ready for our pickup to the airport.. and it was off to bangkok for me and my dad and my sis and mom went back to malaysia.

Wednesday 15th Dec 2004
Silly cab driver..
"sir sir, u want to go quickly quickly or slowly?"
our flight was already delayed... so we cancelled the plan meeting with one of our clients over there.. so we were in no hurry.. took us nearly 3 hours to get to the hotel.. simply because the fuckhead reneged on the deal we paid for.. he refused to take the highway unless we gave him another 30 baht.. but the vehicle was really comfy.. it was a mercedes van.. very nice.. =)
upon getting there, a supplier took us to dinner. My uncle also arrived that night but he only took 1 hour to get to the hotel from the airport.. bah
so .. the 4 of us went to dinner.. food was good and pretty damn cheap too..
considering exchange rates and all

next day consisted of canvassing for new clients for the goods that our supplier in china produces.. 2 didn't go all that well.. but one was pretty damn promising..
and i had an encounter with bangkok traffic.. No one brought a laptop.. so i was sent back to the hotel to get it.. and the total distance travelled was about 18 kilometres return.. and it took me 2 and a half hours to do so.. OH MY GOD!!! I fell alseep in the taxi a few times.. man.. it was teh shit! it's worse than traffic here.. bah
evening we had very very delicious food... Thai food.. spicy stuff.. yum =) with the previously mentioned client from the first day (which was cancelled)
we had one of our chinese supplier join us as well and he was having a hard time with the spicy stuff.. lol.. it was funny cos of the things they said and did.. i found it hugely entertaining.
After that, headed back to the hotel.. and actually did a bit of exploration.. saw chickies.. and the spanking new public transport system of Bangkok city..
we also had starbucks coffee there.. heh
then went back to the hotel for the 2nd time that night.. they went to bed and I went to the cybercafe to check on my mail and to surf a bit.. the hotel rates were ridiculous..
there I saw close up.. lots of transvestites inspecting their various body parts.. cos they were just outside the cybercafe and i happened to sit at the terminal facing the outside.. *brrrr* scary..

went back.. slept
next morning.. went to meeting a gasket supplier.. he's a little effeminite.. but.. personable... took us to more good food.. just me and my dad this time.. and then he had his driver send us to the airport..
we barely made it in time before the gate closed.. lol
then we went in.. checked in the stuff.. and i bought some mags that u can't get here.. =)
flew back.. met Steven my scout senior.. at the duty free shoppe.. i haven't seen that guy in.. 4 years maybe.. and there he was..
after that.. took a cab home and showered and went out again to meet olle and cindy..

Olle arrived that morning.. the 17th and Cindy took him around for the entire day before i got back..
yeah.. he is short.. shorter than i expected him to be.. but he is funny/rubber-faced

more on olle's trip here soon
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User: ulwen
Date: 2005-01-17 10:57 (UTC)
Subject: Rubber-faced?
Rubber-faced? What does that mean?

You trying to say I wear a condom for headwear or something? ;)
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-01-18 01:07 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Rubber-faced?
no.. you're a facial contortionist
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User: ulwen
Date: 2005-01-25 03:32 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Rubber-faced?
contortionist... you are always making me look up things on dictionary.com

Hmmza... aah one of those.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-01-25 03:49 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Rubber-faced?
.... it's an english word..
stop being so swedish!
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