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i don't know.... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-01-12 00:39
Subject: i don't know....
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I am feelingdraineddrained
I'm not as upset as I was anymore.. so i guess there's less of a need to vent? =)

let's see
Thursday last week
I went out real late at night ( by my standards ) and met with Joo Bee, was a rather short/rushed one.. but.. yeah.. it was fun =)

Friday I had a class in the morning then me and cindy had lunch at the 'pan mee' place and the maid/server exclaimed that she hasn't seen us in such a long time.. lol.. went to giant for about 2 hours then sent her home.. and i myself went back and got ready for this formal dinner thing at Le Meridien at Sentral..
lots of old folks.. a few speeches.. ordinary food.. emm.. an out-standing entertainer by the name of Leonard Tan.. he's good..
and then.. after that I actually went to see Cindy.. even though it was like.. 10+ by the time i got there.. we went out for a while.. and while i don't really remember where we went.. I spent happy times with her.. that i remember.. a little bit of ruffle in the middle.. but nothing serious..
*edit: I took her to see a doctor.. the medication did help a fair bit*
bit of a side note to the edit.. there was this petite girl.. she had very high-riding.. *ahems* and large too.. suspected serious fakiness .. =)

Saturday.. i went to work
then came back and met with Jacky and Winnie in Cheras to have dinner.. Cindy and Jess were in attendance as well and we ate at Black Canyon? the tomyam soup there is very good.. too bad cindy couldn't eat it since she still hasn't fully recovered.. =)
then we wandered a bit around Jusco in Cheras and then only went back.. oh.. it was during the journey to Cheras that I found out that Cindy had decided to get back together with me.. though it was in a rather roundabout way..
I had wanted to say the night previously that.. do get back with me for the right reasons.. "don't get back with me because i may not wait for you.. but be with me because u love me and wanna spend the rest of me life with you" .. that kinda thing.. *shrug* I'm trying not to think about it too much and just let things trundle along..
After the going back and shower bit, we went out and met Jacky and Winnie at the Curve.. it's wickedly nice at night.. though many parts are still under construction.. i'd upload pics if i could be bothered.. but just trust me when i say it's nice and go have a look yourself.. We went to Winter warmers and had tea.. =) lol.. and scones.. and a spaghetti.. the staff there were helpful.. and funny sort of..
then it was.. back home =) parents were away for the night so we spent a night together..
it's been a while.. her sleeping in my arms.... it felt good to be able to hold her.. though the both of us didn't get too much sleep cos she was still coughing rather badly.

Next day, we went up Genting for lunch with.. Hui Ping (bday girl), Jess and Ying Lu.. car did have some issues going up.. =)
food was good.. lots of pictures taken.. was a bit over the budget though the food.. so we kinda covered her back some.. since she said she was buying originally..
then went to ikea.. man.. it was like there was a cheap sale at ikea when most of the items were regular priced items
bought.. carried.. searched.. oh.. little incident that i was very very mildly annoyed about..
she tells me that she needs flattish lamp bulbs.. i point out to her that the roundish ones worked fine.. but she wanted the flattish one.. I went to look for one, couldn't find it.. took it out from a lamp that was working there and showed some guy and then he pointed me in the right direction.. When i showed it to her, she wanted the roundish ones since they were cheaper.. talk about...
then went to the airport.. picked her sister up.. Cindy drove to the airport.. I couldn't nap though i was quite tired.. we had dinner together in the airport and then came back to kl. watched the 2nd part of love actually..
I like that movie..
it's funny.. and cute =)

emm.. then i came back..

Monday.. worked.. CCTV fully operational at the office now.. yay.. was a bit busy.. got into a spat with my aunt.. had a spat with an uncle too.. very minor spat.. didn't like the way he talked/she talked..
the TV for the CCTV system was faulty so took it back.. then went to get my 2-piece suit.. =)
after dinner, i took Cindy to the pasar malam.. bought some stuff.. then went to KTZ.. haven't been there in like months.. finally went back at 11.. took quite a while.. I even stood up Yeok Cheng for that.. I feel bad.. I think i'm gonna resolve that if i've had made plans, i'll stick with them.. instead of bending over that way..

class was mainly a breeze.. I think law isn't that hard in tutes.. hehe
took Cindy to lunch.. again =) today it was at Taipan USJ.. Kowloon cafe.. wouldn't recommend it..
Digi simcard is officially gone.. bye bye 016-2848642.. =( drove around a bit.. went to a petrol station for a car wash but they close on mondays.. bah.. went for tutes then
went to pyramid.. actually caught a movie called.. polar express.. I think we'll watch it again at the IMAX theatre.. the movie looks made for an IMAX theatres.. with the extreme angles of movement..
had a bit of food (her) then went to her place.. she cooked for me a bit.. then i tried to nap.. didn't work.. finally went for dinner.. at the old sunway NTS.. food there's mainly good.. so will go back there again
sent her home..
was supposed to meet Wee Sern and Wee Keng but their uncle is gonna take them around Hartamas so i'll be meeting them on Friday..
so I came back .. rather early... did contemplate looking for YC cos I stood her up yesterday.. but truth be told.. I'm a bit tired..
and here i am..
posting again
i'm gonna go to bed..
g'nite all
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this love is serious: gwen ?
User: freebishchick
Date: 2005-01-11 16:53 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:gwen ?
aww you seem so happy, im glad everything seems to be working out!
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2005-01-12 03:01 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
thanks.. but.. i think i'm projecting the wrong impression
i'm not too happy..
it doesn't seem right.. not anymore.. =(
like something's gone/missing..
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