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bored - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2005-01-04 13:22
Subject: bored
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
I'm so bored.. sheesh.. am at the uni.. 3 & 1/2 hours of waiting for class.. I'm going home next time.. t doesn't take me 3 hours to do the bloody tute work anyway..

let's see.. sunday.... went to yoshinoya to eat.. ugh.. highly NOT recommended.. if u get my meaning.. then there was shopping for the steamboat at my cousin's that night.. and a cute little 4 year old.. cousin's friend's daughter??? unsure about her status.. but yeah.. she's a cute wee thing.. after buying, went back to put cindy's things at her place, then waited.. after that we went to my cousin's place.. didn't realise that we bought so much.. ugh.. omigod.. couldn't finish the damn thing cos it was just too much.. I did 2 rounds of it.. but I gave up in the end.. Me and Cindy went out with the little girl to buy ice for the drinks.. it was a cute?? experience.. she's not feeling well so she's forbidden from having a lot of things.. =)

anyway... went back soon after that.. was a rather long day after the strains of the previous day.. *stayed up for some football.. WOOT*

anyhow.. monday.. worked.. bought 2 more computers... and then.. bought myself a nifty little pendrive for only RM50 for a 256 Mb.. very special price indeed.. hohoho
but.. the shitty part was where i wasted 2 hours waiting for the old fart to leave the office.. when i could have been wasting time on my own without any help..
anyway, spent a quiet night at home.. and went to bed early..

The female has a presentation in 5 minutes so I didn't go look for her to let her concentrate on her work and not force her to entertain me.. blahlabla.. going to the comp shop later to pick up the comps (wasn't ready yesterday)
then i have my law assignment to start and finish ASAP.. de Thursday morning... omigod.. omigod.. omigod..
but now i'm bored.. sigh
anyway.. i'll leave this at this.. till later.
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