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yet a periodical - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2004-10-14 22:39
Subject: yet a periodical
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last update..
approx 2 weeks ago

only managed to catch that movie New Police Story.. good flick... kinda
then finally made it to that spankingly new restaurant in ss2.. food smells great..
tastes alright..
all in all.. 7 out of 10 for me

it was Cindy's bday last week
We were out celebrating the entire weekend.. =)
As a present, i got her the lovely haircut/colouring that she sports now..
and the hairdresser also conned me into getting one

big chunk =)
This was last friday, then we had dinner at Kim Gary, food tasted especially good that day.. =) then met up with Jacky and Winnie and yumcha in Pudu where we met Soo Lun and Ah Lee.. those 2 kept giving me missed calls and i just couldn't spot them.. nubs..
In the end, cindy spotted them 2 tables away. Then it was home sweet home.
Worked the next day and spent the whole day trying to fix the comp.. i just had something missing and i didn't know what.. gah

Anyhow, that night, cindy bought her housemates dinner at this chinese restaurant. it was very busy.. food took a while to arrive and then we had a wrong dish.. didn't change in the end and the captain was very sorry about the whole thing and kept apologising.. lol
Took a few pictures with the camera which later just died.. Was rather worried about it since it was a rather expensive camera. Weird thing was, we could take movies but not still pictures. Went all the way to ampang to visit Celeste and eat the Strawberry and Cheese square thing.. fabulous if u ever get your hands on a fresh one.. here's the trick to seeing if it's fresh or not..
no.1 it glistens
no.2 the strawberry looks fresh
the thing looks dull, 1 day old
IF the strawberry has sunk in, 2 days old = bad

anyway.. that entire building was closed early for some maintenance so we had to go elsewhere. We ended up at Mont Kiara Starbucks and we made a little movie clip commemorating Cindy's 20th bday. It was fun =)
Next day.. we were just home till late.. can't quite remember what I did in the afternoon... but for dinner I ate with Cindy at La Bodega.. my first time there and i didn't know what to expect. Tapas.. that's why
Another hole in the pocket.. =)
After that, we went to Haagen Daaz, I called the calvary.. they duly arrived and we sang the bday girl a bday song and blew out the candle on the ice-cream cake and ate the cake of course..

Classes the next day.. at night went to Midvalley for what seemed like the zillionth time in the past 2 weeks and had dinner with those 2 again this time as a bday thing for Cindy complete with presents. walked around, bought Mindy a phone.. looks pretty spiffy the LG phone.
drinks at section 17.
The end.
Parents went to China on Tuesday night.. woohoo =)
so far 2 days since they left.. will be back next week.
Oh.. the camera had something loose.. feck.. had to pay 70 bucks for labour.. I brought it in to Sony on Monday and brought it back on Tuesday.
bought my text book, paid my fees
dazzled the lecturer with my answers for Treasury Management..
Now I should be doing my Literature Review for How Science Works due tomorrow..
till next update! adios
I should be getting a new avatar up as well.. heh
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