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brief update - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2004-08-12 00:20
Subject: brief update
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today was a memorable day.. of sorts..

It started off with lunch with Shirley who's back.. since last saturday but couldn't find me since she copied down the wrong number... pfft..
we went to Dataran Prima for lunch with a friend of hers, Elaine, who thought that I was one of those guys who were going after my cousin when I met her previously maybe .. 2 or so years ago.. I quickly debunked that insane notion.
then.. food took forever, and there was all kinds of excuses.. the food itself wasn't too bad really..

anyway.. I went for class after that. Was a bit late... there were talks of Goat glands.. a most hilarious lecture.. =)

then.. I had already dropped the car to have the alignment and balancing done so I waited at the student lounge until the appointed time before heading to the workshop. Yu Wen? tracked me down for a ride.. and then on the way back (after collecting the car), I had a flat..
imagine the odds of that. getting a flat AFTER going to a tyre shop/place.. anyway.. we had to change the tyre.. it was done in like 10 minutes though.. yu wen was really helpful.. =)

then came back.. mom did her thing at the pasar malam. I cleaned up one of the water pumps..
and then went to watch King Arthur.. it's good.. in a gritty, reality kinda way.. the sacrifices and lots of blood.. *phew*
good flick.

Then came back.. and that's the end of one day.. =)
Yohei's leaving Malaysia next Friday.. he's gonne be having dinner at my house tomorrow.. =)

i dunno what else.. that's it! =)
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