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wheee =) how's everyone last time i post 1 whole week ago since then… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2004-07-01 02:04
Subject: (no subject)
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
wheee =)

how's everyone
last time i post
1 whole week ago
since then

Moral studies paper
then work
friday work
then saturday work
and sunday work
one wonders.. when in the world did i manage to pack.. well i managed at 1 am sunday night 3 hours before i was supposed to wake up to take the cab to the airport


and then...
It was off to Singapore..
total travel time until I actually got to the hotel was about 4 hours.. or so.
let's see.. 5.15 am taxi arrived..
airport.. and breakfast at McD's.. and then wait and boarded the plane at 7 ish.. 45 minutes later, arrived in JB and then.. bus.. get off, bus, get off, bus.. immigration, bus, immigration, bus..
then.. MRT at KRANJI all the way to City Hall then switch to go to Bugis station on the East-West line..
omigod.. =)
lots of time spent just getting there.. oh.. yeah but this time, I was officially IN Singapore.. *toots some horns*

oh oh.. I saw Dan again.. it was sometime around 3 years ago I think that I met him again after .. 10 years at Chow Yang, and then Sunday when I was working, he came by with his NZ gf to get some NZN goodness.. he didn't recognise me AGAIN.. but yeah it was funny.. anyway.. probably meeting him tomorrow night before he flies back to NZ =)

I met his GF again at the JB airport.. she was on the same flight as us..
me, Cindy and Yohei that is..

there's tons of photos.. available..
we visited Sentosa, emm.. Orchard Road.. ooo.. we went on a Ducktour.. 33 per head ermm... you sit in this WWII vehicle which is amphibious and the tour guide was kinda cute too..
Did I mention that there'll be tons of photos available? =) Maybe i'll snap out of the lazy bum that i am and Update my homepage..
anyway.. rest of the time, there was a lot of food involved.. some hawker food with the same names but different tastes.. very different tastes... and Tony Roma's ribs.. yumm...
durian sandwich ... which is quite yummy.. and and.. this shanghai noodle place in.... takashimaya? we actually had to take number.. like in a bank and wait for the number to be called.. sad but true
ermm... basically we ran out of time.. lol
We sat at this place called IndoChine on Tuesday night and guess who I saw walking past..
i was attempting to contact her for entire monday and tuesday.. and she then waltz past right in front..
talk about coincidence..
so i yelled out her name.. oh we were having a few drinks there..
i made
Ee Wei and Cindy try Tequila shots for the first time..
was funny.. lol
me, Cindy, Yohei and Ee Wei had the shots and Sharon had a mocktail..
been a while since I had alcohol.. *hic*

Last day, I over slept and it was raining a bit..
and we had lunch.. my cousin, and us minus Sharon who had something to do.. =)
and ermm.. we had some lunch
took some more picture at Fullerton and Raffles statue.. and then parted ways

it was an enjoyable trip.. could have done with more time and more money.. lol
tomorrow it's back to work again.
that's it for now
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