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It's official. No one else wants to watch Mamma Mia with me....… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-29 00:43
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It's official. No one else wants to watch Mamma Mia with me.... claiming that they're broke.. oh well =) Watching the matinee show on saturday with Joo Bee. Today didn't really do much I manage to do some of the stuff that I wanted to do. I'm not really sure if I got ripped off or not. I sold about 45 books to this 2nd hand book store and i got 70 bucks for the whole lot only.. but I was really lazy to go around because it is a lot of books to lug around. Vince helped out with the driving me there bit.. =) Then I dragged out some boxes and stowed away a few more items.. My living room now looks VERY messy.. but who cares.. =) certainly not Eric. Got more things to clear out.. bleh.. all the official correspondence are all going into the bin!! =)
Had dinner at Cervo in Crown complex with Joo Bee and it was quite nice. I had a kangaroo meat salad and a fettucine carbonara. In my defence I didn't know that the kangaroo meat was a salad.. I just thought I'd get a steak of kangaroo meat.. bleh but it was delicious. and the carbonara simply the best I've had in ages..
Then watched Showtime with Shan and Daph and Vanessa and Joo Bee. This movie with Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro.. I dunno I didn't really like it.. Everyone else thought it was funny.. gah Saw Emmy there but I didn't go say hi.. hmm.. must be feeling anti-social again. Saw Claudia, Grace and a few other ppl from Trinity as well after the movie. We're gonna watch the movie marathon on Sunday!!! =) woohoo .. hahaha it's gonna be my first one.. haven't been to one before.. =)
We sent Joo Bee back to Boxhill after that and then came back.. my god.. a whole day's worth of activity can be summed up in so little words.. sigh
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