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of souls and idiots - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2004-04-04 01:45
Subject: of souls and idiots
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okay.. so I said i'll update more often..
I lied


but.. here's my bit of effort.

Been working.. college.. standard routine stuff.. Met up with Kong and William and listened to some hilarious/interesting stories.. I don't believe some of the shit that Kong gets himself into.. suffice to say, A. Swee is an asswipe, and Kong should pick his friends better. Seriously.. We planned a trip to cameron as well but I don't think that will be happening.. more on that in just a sec..

Wednesday night, 31st? I think

oh wait, before that.. I paid my fees for this sem.. yay.. and
My sister got into 2 accidents.. 2nd one sidelined HER car, guess who can't drive around now.. BAH.. stupid lousy driver who's so myopic in that she must have a car to drive and my parents for letting her do as she please. My dad's car is in the workshop as well for some bodywork which he incurred while driving along the highway and having someone swipe him.. =) and accidents don't happen to normal people it seems.. right....


Wednesday night 31st March
I bloody went to play futsal
and promptly strained my ligament which is on the inner side of the knee. It fucking hurt like hell.. and the next day after that, it hurt EVEN MORE! and it was sooo stiff.. sigh
so.. I won't be going for the trip.. NO inter-program basketball tournament for me, and no working either since working means physical labour means I can't be lifting anything and jeapordising my recovery.. Kelvin's been a good buddy ferrying me to the Megah Medical where I saw the.. orthopedist and the physiotherapist. =)

ooo.. we had a mouse infestation which we kinda cleared out.. changed some chewed up wires.. and i'm happy to say that, the lights don't go crazy anymore =)
Also, I've been home for the past couple of days.. bad.. i'm beginning to get mouldy.. I was also supposed to meet up with Bee Shin thursday night but.. I couldn't walk so.. =) I'm happy to announce that since I'm such a speedy recovery kinda guy, I can walk almost normally.. just no twisting and things like that for a while yet.. and definitely no running, knee might detach itself.. ugh..

and.. I may start work at New Zealand ice-cream soon too.. but more on that later.
Sharon, labour day, thinking of heading down to singapore.. you free then? =)

and.. one last thing

Happy birthday to
Adelene Foo (if you ever get to read this, it'd be a miracle)
Angeline Ho (can't think of a witty personal msg)
Ong Jo Ann (I still have your card from last year.. =) I should amend it to include this year.. hehe)
that's all in this update.. =)

OOO hold on a sec..

All soul's day is today 4th of April. It's the day we remember our ancestors and go to their graves to pay our respects.. We are also allowed to do it 10 days before and after the 4th of April. Last sunday, I went back to Teluk Intan to visit my ancestor's graves.. great grandparents and great great grandparents..
Left KL at 4.30 AM.. sigh I was the driver.. and.. off we went.. To achieve a 4.30 am departure.. we woke up at 3.30 am..
We arrived there at about 6.30am.. and waited for some late-comers.. bleagh
after we were done with everything.. traffic was horrendous, we were in there for 1 and a half hour trying to get out.. barely moved an inch.. My dad and uncle became the impromtu traffic controller, up until we got out.. then he scampered into the car and we went into Teluk Intan town proper for some breakfast.
After that, went to another part of teluk intan to have mee rebus.. =) and THEN only we headed home

3rd of april was our other commemorative day.. for my grandfather which I didn't attend cos I didn't want to sit in the car for all that long.. would be bad and I'd get stiff and i'd have to walk around after that.. not a good idea.
I think that's it
oh and Michele's back again. I wonder if that ho-bag is gonna call.. *grin*

and ho-bag is a term of endearment.. really
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