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woah.. last meaningful post was some 10 days ago.. meh.. =) let's… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-12-19 01:07
Subject: (no subject)
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last meaningful post was some 10 days ago.. meh.. =)

let's see..
hot damn.. i can't remember what i've done lol.. only that i've been out..

oh yea, pasar malam visits
visit to hsiang yang's house twice..
and one night at viva where KY was sick and we left early..
not too many people there though
off the top of me head,
Hsiang Yang, Roger, Kelvin, Wei Bin, Horng Kang, Meng Yeow, Jee Leen, Pau Chun and gf, Ban Eu, Soo Yee, Jo Ann, Sui Ping and bf, Ban Keat, Jimmy and Jenn Nee, Winnifred, Thiam Kuon, Chia Minn and gf, Chris and gf, some of Hsiang Yang's other friends.. I think I got it all.. oh Daniel Chee as well.. and yes.. the last person to arrive, Lay Ting who was immediately surrounded by 4 guys.. =)

I've also been playing a bit more sports
basketball on saturday, badminton on sunday, the usual futsal on wednesday. I scored 2 goals this week.. good by my standards since I suck at it.. =)
don't think I pissed anyone off this week.. so it's still looking up.. lol
Cindy's having the time of her life in hk (http://www.livejournal.com/users/la_belle/41944.html?mode=reply)
everyone's handsome, what about me? (inferiority complex kicking in)
while i'm here.. i dunno.. been staying home heaps.. just playing some old game as well as watching TV
today was the first time I've caught a movie in a while and it was free tix to see Infernal Affairs 3. it's confusing as hell.. timeline keeps jumping, and there's a lot of switch-overs and hallucinations/dreams.. and it ends in a spectacular boom.. lol =)
tried the new a&w in usj, it's a very.. cafe-ish feel with its seats outside and what not..
hemm... don't know what there is to write about.. A few other people are back as well, Nurul, Wai Ying, and Michele is back from Myanmar too.. but i'm still bored/lonely
need to find more friends.. moahahaha =)

last sunday, i even had dinner with an uncle i rarely have any meals with.. and I also visited this kiara park where loads of people are jogging and stuff.. quite nice.. lots of tortoises and big ass fishes too.. =)

Saturday night is LOTR w00t.. =)
already bought the tickets in the afternoon.. will be cool. Watching it with Hsiang Yang and Yeok Cheng.. man.. it's so sad =)
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