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updates - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-12-09 15:18
Subject: updates
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I haven't updated in .. yonks i tell ya..
Been getting really lazy to do anything these days.. Right now, I'm supposed to be in class but can't really be bothered.. Moral Studies, as if this upstanding member of the community needs moral studies.. It's such a waste of time. 48 hours spread over 2 whole months.. can you imagine that? In between, there is a presentation where we have to present for about half an hour.. crap..

Anyway.. Let's see.. Cindy left last week, exactly a week ago. She's been going out shopping a lot and.. oh the results are out too.. Not good I tell you.. not good at all.. Then right now, me and dad having blow outs again.. it's funny/unfair/don't know what description to give it..

In the time I was missing, I've played mahjong twice.. eaten out with friends.. and also spent money .. all typically average things.. =)
I also ran around on the LRT ! .. sort of anyway, I went to look for these feng shui books that Cindy's mom wanted.. but lots of places were all sold out so.. I didn't manage to get them.

oo.. last night, when me and kelvin went to the pasar malam, before we even got there.. just on my street, there was this keeeuuutt chick .. =P tall, slim, nice legs.. hair, eyes.. those eyes!!.. hahaha I'm gonna get killed for this..

As of press time, Vincent da HO is back, so is michele LEAN but.. I believe she's on her way to myanmar.. I wonder if there's anything interesting there to purchase *hint*

It's gonna be Hsiang Yang's birthday sometime this week, I gave him a little book as a birthday gift.. the thought that counts and all that.. =) The food at Murni Restaurant is kinda cheap compared to William's. and I so wanna get a proper aquarium and put all kinds of fishies in.. muahaha.. and then put a cat up there so that he/she can swipe at them all day.. lol *i'm evil that way*

I went go-karting last week.. in the rain.. well not quite rain but it just stopped raining and was kind of a drizzle kinda thing.. and man it was wicked fun.... Everyone slipping and sliding. and also totally wet from the whole thing cos of the water coming off the floor.. =) the girls who played were screaming themselves silly everytime they spun around (which happens often). My machine was one of the better tuned ones and I dare say that I was the clear winner even though we didn't race. We went for a Japanese buffet before that.. It was .. normal since I've been there like a zillion times.. Ah Lee ate raw fish for the first time though and he was rolling it in wasabi, the facial expression was priceless.

anyway.. I think it's late enough now =)
best be going to class..
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