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Malacca get-away - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-11-26 20:59
Subject: Malacca get-away
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I was away for a few days
Went to Malacca with a bunch of former co-workers, cousin and etc and also CINDY =)
We stayed at the A Famosa resort at the Bungalow units.
We rented 2 for 2 nights and had us some good times... =P

Left KL at around 2 pm on Sunday. 4 cars left together fully loaded. Then it was a bit of a mess while we sorted out who went where and met up with others along the way. In the end.. there were 8 cars in total..
some 30 + adults and children..
Me, Ah Lee, and my cousin went to do a lay of the land; finding dinner for that night as well as looking for cheap ice to restock our ice boxes. In the end, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant there at the club house and 3 tables full.. =)
Food wasn't too bad.. We were gonna go to the Cowboy town but it was decided that paying RM 30 was a bit too expensive for a short show and wandering around a wannabe cowboy town. So we went home and drank and made merry.
Since there was so many people, sleeping arrangements were a little.. poor. 5 girls got one room, a family of 6 got another
and then 4-5 guys slept in the living room.. while another 3 slept in another bed room..
The other bungalow had 3 families which stayed in a room each.

One guy left the following morning.. taking his car with him.. No one knew why, no one knew nothing.. It was all just selfish since he came fetching a family of 6, luckily we had enough spaces to go around to fit everyone else.

I don't like the service there. I had to make like 10-15 calls to them in total.. A few times were for the extra beds. There were no blankets for the beds so I told them to get me blankets, THEN they said they had no more blankets left since the place was packed full for the holidays.. so I got them to bring me extra bedsheets to use as blankets.. that took a few tries as well.
Next day, I made some 8-10 calls.. to get the BBQ set ready
1 in the morning to tell them we wanted one
3 calls between 5-6 pm was to get them to actually start sending something
another call for wire mesh
another call for more charcoal
another call for the key to unlock the bbq pit
another call for extra skewers (they supplied 6)
I can't remember.. I think that was it.. =)


Anyway, we went to the WATER WORLD on monday.. spent most of the day there up until it rained.. I took a few kids to sit on the tube rides.. once, the tube actually flipped over and she hit her head.. poor girl.. she was crying and all.. =|
and then we went on the large tube thing.. I went on that twice.. once with cindy and cousin and friend
and the 2nd with co-workers.. Was very tired at the end of it all.. Then it started to pour.. and i mean really pour..
I went to get the car first since my car was leather seats.. and the other 2 were cushion seats.. a number of them left earlier cos they weren't into the whole water thing.
I got to the car, drove up then got out.. took the umbrella, went to get them.. brought them to their cars.. and then started to bring the non-drivers out of the place..
as well as being a good samaritan to a bunch of people who asked me to help ferry..
That big umbrella was so big.. my arms were damn near aching at the end of it..

after that, got back and then waited the rain out. The bbq went on and off cos the rain came and went every half an hour or so... such a dampener on things.
Some people were obviously not in the spirit of things.. they broiled the sausages and stuff instead of bbq-ing.. load of crap and some of the attitude was pretty poor

Next day, We headed over to Safari park.. also rained.. and we were thinking of not going.. They wouldn't do refunds but they didn't mind extending the validity. But the rain slowed down and stopped by the time we got there. So we went through with it.. quite a fair bit of waiting for the ferry to monkey island and the safari ride.. The animals looked sad.. Ostriches were losing feathers everywhere and everyone of the animals just seemed down. And I swear those drivers are former mini bus drivers.. insane

Dinner I joined up with Kelvin and Siok Wei at Malacca town and we went to try "satay celup" as well as chicken rice ball.. it's nothing really the latter but rolled up rice.
Then we wandered around abit
We went to mahkota parade.. bought some stuff there... oh DONUTS!! damnit forgot.. =P
better go eat them lol
anyway.. we got back and then went straight to bed

The end
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