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=) hiya how's everyone wait.. don't think anyone will reply so...… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-10-31 13:02
Subject: (no subject)
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how's everyone

wait.. don't think anyone will reply


I bought another 2 more fishes
one "bandaraya" which means municipal council.. cos it's the type that swims along the surfaces and eats up the muck and another of the same breed of fish that i have been keeping but another variant. sort of like the one that died on the very first day. so I have 4 fishes now =)
yay for me..
however the bandaraya is pretty big.. even though it was the smallest i could find. It can barely get in.. cos the opening is kinda small..

http://starterupsteve.servepics.com/swf/constipation.html <- lol

emm.. I've had 2 exams so far and of the 2, I'm really not confident about FM, paper came out not the way I expected it.. sigh..
But then again, I should have studied very very thoroughly for it.. shouldn't i?

Cindy's been staying here for 5 days and .. it's nice to wake up and see her first thing in the morning and then tuck her in bed at night.. =) I've to sleep downstairs... heh at least when parents are around.. =P

I went to play futsal just now.. god damn.. my team didn't lose any games.. just drew once and I also scored a goal.. woohoo and then I got tackled pretty badly.. and my ankle hurts damnit.. gah
knee is killing me though.. cindy's gone back for the night so I won't get to see her first thing tomorrow morning..
As much as she gets on my nerve.. =) I still wouldn't trade her for anyone else.... yet.. hehehe

anyway.. that's about it..
next paper's on the 10th of next month.. plenty of time to study for it.. or is there? =)
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