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Didn't go out today. Didn't do much either.. =) Finally finished the… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-27 00:14
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I am feelingthirstythirsty
Listening toHuman Chatter - Jack and Jill the series
Didn't go out today. Didn't do much either.. =) Finally finished the game Disciples... HY called and mentioned that he was coming to the city and asked if I wanted to meet up. Seeing as to how I am extremely free, I said yes. But the next call never came so I made pasta for dinner and watched more VCDs.. continuation from last night. So far I've seen Running out of time 2, Beauty and the breast, One leg kicking and some chinese movie. All over the course of late last night and today.
You can probably guess how bored I am from my post today.. =) BTW does anyone have any idea what A Res, B Res and A Res-__ means? cos those were the headings for the ticket and they're ALL different prices in ticketek. I still want to watch Mamma Mia and since Melissa backed out on me the last time, I didn't really bother.. but I did ask Shan and Daph plus HY too and HY said he'll call me back about it which he never did... And shan n daph said thursday.. so thursday it is! I think
bleh.. It's been a general day of pretty much dozing off. Did you know that the estate agent came in and locked my balcony door? I was like wth.. I told him I wanted the keys to lock the balcony door. NOT lock it for me.. Granted I was still asleep at 11.30 am.. but I did wake up at 12 pm.. he could have called.. bleh. So NOW I have a locked balcony door and it's too late to call.. gah.. And I still don't have the keys to open one of the windows.. Oh well
what should I do now? sleep or stay up and do something.. hmm..
decisions decisions..
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