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yesterday was Cindy's 19th birthday Since it was a friday, I was… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2003-10-11 02:31
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yesterday was Cindy's 19th birthday
Since it was a friday, I was working for the better part of the day but at night, we went to this place callde the Ribs shop.. and the food there is NICE.. seriously nice =)
and we spent some cosy time together.. but.. pretty sad that that was it..

how I got there.. a relationship that's been nothing short of turbulent.. lol.. but I love my baby and so it's all good.

Today.. I made a discovery.. Monies have been paid but I didn't receive it.. very disappointing. Then I finally was able to get the rest of my pay since I had witnesses to back me up.
Maggie also called me today.. Maggie was my coursemate while I was in Melbourne Uni. She's been planning to visit Malaysia for a while now and will probably be doing it this year..
then.. hmm. can't remember much else of what happened..

but the night was.. just right.. minimal fuss, gorgeous date, good food.. but a tad noisy.. but hey.. u can't win it all =)
*muaKs* baby

I went to play some futsal yesterday and i'm pleased to announce that I don't feel like fainting anymore unlike the previous week.. though since I haven't been playing basketball, i'll probably feel faint the next time i play bball

anyway.. That's all that I can think of to post about
cheers mates
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